Here is an interesting look at the real estate market in 2014 from prnewswire.com
Recent research studies from the PricewaterhouseCoopers and Urban Land Institute conducted on over 1,000 participants from many economic fields ranging from real estate industry consultants to property investors have concluded that there are strong investment prospects, particularly in the area of commercial properties. The article provides readers a list of key points to look out for when examining the real estate market in 2014 , such as:
– Improved opportunity for profitability
– Increasing interest rates
– Back to fundamentals of rising occupancies and rents driving profits
– Increased availability of equity capital
– Development beyond multifamily residential units
– Demographics that are more urban, less suburban driving property development
Continued housing market recovery
Changing space needs for commercial and multifamily properties due to  
Changing preferences for space
With this in mind, the article also cites areas in the real estate market that will provide favorable circumstances for potential investors, such as industrial and distribution properties, with hotel development and investment showing promise as well. However, investors will be disappointed to know that apartment properties as an investment are not as profitable as they were in prior years. But in general, investors will find solace in real estate investment properties as it shows a lot of financial promise. The article describes the real estate’s “sweet spot” with the following:
“While gross domestic product (GDP) growth has not been earth-shaking, it has been steady and moderate, leaving experts in the industry to predict opportunities in commercial real estate across all property types. There has been sufficient growth in GDP to spark demand for space and improvement in rent, leaving a sweet spot for real estate investors as there is almost no new supply to meet this demand.”
This is the first portion of an article from forbes.com, it should provide you with a more global look at real estate investing as the contributing writer is discussing European property markets.
The tide has changed in real estate investments. Until last year, wealthy buyers were primarily looking at property as a safe haven for their capital, a trend that had started after the credit crunch and ensuing real estate market crashes.
In 2013, however, analysts spotted the first signs of a renewed interest in riskier but more rewarding investments, and this more aggressive approach has truly come into its own this year, according to the Wealth Report 2014, a study on global private wealth and investments published today by real estate advisor Knight Frank.
“The big news is the return of appetite for risk—wealthy buyers are now looking for a bit of income,” says Liam Bailey, Head of Residential Research at Knight Frank. “It’s a real step change.”
This one is just for fun, we found it rather interesting and it also reminded us of the movie ‘Goodfellas’.  Check out some real estate investing related news out of Montreal from TheStar.com.
The Mafia usually didn’t invest a dime in construction and real-estate deals, but they still walked away with a profit when the projects were finished, Quebec’s corruption inquiry heard Wednesday.
The Charbonneau Commission is tackling the reach and role of the Mob in major real-estate deals and the influential role played by late Mafia boss Vito Rizzuto in at least one such project.
An inquiry investigator testified about organized-crime tactics when it came to the construction industry — a low-risk investment that reaped plenty of reward.
Eric Vecchio said Rizzuto and other mobsters were never front-line players with a direct financial stake. Instead, they stayed on the periphery, acting as consultants and deal-brokers while they picked up a piece of the profits.
That concludes Real Estate Investing News and Notes for this week, have a great weekend everyone!
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