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There are many different ways a landlord can advertise their rental property. The kind of advertising that works best depends on numerous factors. These include property characteristics, location, landlord’s budget, […]

Why the Difference Between Assesed Value and Market Value?

Assessing the value of a home when putting it on the market with a realtor is affected by a number of factors. There are two numbers to consider when selling […]

Are There Reasons to Offer Seller Financing?

An example of seller financing: Years ago I bought a rental property, and nine months later sold it for 15% more, without fixing or improving a thing. The easy terms […]

How Can You Ensure Safety in Your Own Home?

Whether or not the world is getting more dangerous is debatable. However, the safety of your family should always be an issue of concern, and rightly so. Whether you’ve recently […]

Make Improvements So You are Ready to Sell

Sometimes when selling your home, it is necessary to make a few improvements to realize the value that you want or to gain the attention that is necessary to sell […]

Invest By Flipping Real Estate For Profit

One of the rising stars when it comes to real estate investment is flipping houses for fast real estate profit. This works by buying properties that are in need of […]

Should You Break Your Rental Lease?

Most rental agreements have a section regarding the renter breaking a lease on a rental agreement. There is also likely a section regarding when the leasing agent can evict the […]

Who’s Responsibility is Maintenance on a Rental?

Maintenance on a rental property can be a confusing issue. Renters may mistakenly assume all maintenance is the responsibility of the leasing agent and maintenance staff but this is usually […]

Should You Read Your Whole Contract?

Many renters barely even skim their rental agreement before signing their name at the bottom. Most renters are primarily concerned with the monthly charges, one time only fees, required deposits […]

Can You Save Money By Renting?

For many renters the possibility of saving money by renting is a foreign idea. These renters often bemoan the fact that they have to rent a property rather than purchase […]

Can the Bathroom Add to the Value of Your Home?

Many home owners look for ways to add value to their homes through improvements. One of the best ways is to have a go at your bathrooms. The Almighty Bathroom […]

How Can You Be Sure You’re Getting the Best Real Estate Deal?

You’re ready to buy a house or maybe you’re just considering it. There is a good chance you’re wondering if the decline in housing prices has bottomed. Or maybe you […]

Prepare for Retirement with Real Estate Investing

Are you going to be able to retire? And if you do, will you be in a position to enjoy your life, pay medical bills and maintain an acceptable level […]

Is There Money in Low-Income Housing?

Low income housing providers get a bad rap. Be ready to be called a slumlord if you invest in it. Much of what people call slum-lording though, is simply providing […]

What if Your Home Isn’t Selling?

When you sell your home, the process is almost like going to a job interview. Selling a home involves presentation, which is one of the key factors that determine the […]

Can A Home Equity Loan Benefit You?

The last thing that anyone wants after they have moved into a home is to find that there are many things that need to be repaired. Whether you have just […]

Should You Re-Locate or Re-Model?

We all realize that it is not always the ideal time to try and list your home, but if you are buying in the same area, then your lowered house […]

Have You Budgeted for All the Fees and Cllosing Costs?

You probably spent a good bit of time getting disciplined to save money for your home purchase. You need to carry this financial discipline through the escrow period or you […]

The Cons of Buying an Old Home

Yesterday we talked about the Pros of buying an old home. Is it still something you think you would like to do? How old are you thinking? Perhaps even something […]

The Pros of Buying an Old Home

If you prefer a home that is unique and has character, you probably are giving some thought to buying an older home. Before buying, it’s a good idea to carefully […]

Can You Profit From Flipping Properties?

So, you want to get into the flipping game and make money or possibly you had a bad experience with flipping a property and want to learn how to flip […]

A Quick Intro to Buying Pre-Foreclosures

Have you ever heard the term pre foreclosure? Do you think that this means the same thing as a foreclosed home? If you answered yes to these questions you are […]

Can Staging Your Home Make it More Sellable?

You’ve listed your home and the agent wants to start showing it to prospective buyers. Here’s a few tips to help it look its best. You may have already read […]

4 Top Tips for Selling Your Home for Top Dollar

Selling a home can be difficult. But by employing the right tactics, you can find a buyer who’s willing to pay the price you want. Here are four tips to […]

Use the Internet to Gain Maximum Exposure When Selling Your Home

If you have a home for sale or are thinking of putting your home on the market, you have probably been closely following the recent housing-related news. The media has […]

Can a “Good Faith Deposit” Help Calm Your Mind?

In a real estate transaction, a touchy issue is how much trust the seller has in a buyer. The existence of a good faith deposit helps put a seller at […]

How to Use a Pre-Approval Lettr to Get Your Dream Home

When house hunting, many buyers make the mistake of waiting to contact a lender until after they have located their dream home. As a buyer, you will be in a […]

Learn These Real Estate Negotion Secrets!

When you bought your home, you offered less than you were willing to pay, right? That’s the most common negotiation technique. For experienced investors, however, that’s just one technique among […]

Should You Offer Seller Financing?

An example of seller financing: You buy a rental property, and nine months later sell it for 15% more, without fixing or improving a thing. The easy terms are what […]

A Fixer-Upper Home – Is It For You?

Fixer upper Fixer upper homes are a great option for those who are looking to be an expensive area without having the expensive pricetag that goes with it. For example, […]

Flipping Real Estate: Calculating Costs

If you been in the real estate investing business, or more specifically been flipping real estate, for more than a few days, you’ve inevitably gotten an email that reads something […]

Benefits of Foreclosed Home Listings

Benefits of Foreclosed Home Listings   For most people, finding the right property is only half of the goal of a real estate purchase. It’s also very important to most […]

Real Estate Websites: Virtual Tours

In real estate, a virtual tour is commonly used. What are these tours? They are a method used to provide a graphical presentation of a property or properties to internet […]

Real Estate and Credit

In today’s blog we are talking about real estate and credit. Making money in real estate is always going to be an option. The current real estate market remains depressed […]

Real Estate Negotiation – What is the Seller Motivation?

Real Estate Negotiation – What is the Seller Motivation? This is one of the most important principles of real estate negotiation. More than that though, you want to try to […]

Rental Income Investment Property

Many people dream of owning a vacation home. But often concerns about maintaining it, renting it out in the off-season, or even justifying the expense when its only to be […]

Loan to Value Mrorgage Factor

When applying for a home loan, there are a number of factors you have to take into account. Loan to value is one of the key issues that will determine […]

Freedom From Debt – How?

Debt can really mean trouble for so many people. Often times it, can lead to severe devastation, especially when things just do not get paid off. Ignoring your debt can […]

Building Relationships With the Public

Public Relations or “PR” is one of the most important factors in how you are perceived by the public at large. It is the relationship between your business and your […]

Could It Be Time To Switch Careers?

Executive search firms regularly come across people who have decided to switch careers. There was a time where you chose your profession and stuck with it until retirement and many […]

The Quickest Way to Get is to Give

Its true. You cant really get what you want in life until you have given it to others. Doesnt sound like it makes much sense, does it? How can you […]

Cultivate Lifetime Relationships!

Do you realize relationships begin shortly after birth and are ongoing ways of life for every person on the planet? An important part of life depends on how we develop […]

Take Time To Invest in Our Youth

There are many worthy ways to spend your time and energy. Our society is in desperate need of people who will care about people and things other than themselves. There […]

How to Take Advantage of Your Dominant Thoughts

Self belief is amazing. I know from my own life experiences that whenever I have been filled with dread or doubt I am unable to perform at a satisfactory level. […]

Innovation: How Can You Take Advantage Of It?

Innovation is simply the foundation of new beginnings. Through innovation we can find new products, learn new techniques, offer better quality and a more simplistic style and even help to […]

Furnished or Unfurnished?

Renters will often be faced with the decision of whether to opt for a furnished apartment or an unfurnished apartment. The majority of apartments available for rent are likely to […]

Formulating a Good Debt Elimination Plan

Debt elimination services do so much more than give advice how to pay off your debts. In fact, a debt elimination company today would help you by actually studying your […]

Dealing with Neighbors in an Apartment

Dealing with Neighbors in an Apartment   One of the major disadvantages to renting an apartment is the potential for conflict with the neighbors. Some renters may foster incredible relationships […]

Rental Swaps

Some vacationers find a rental swap to be an ideal situation when they are traveling. Homeowners, especially in desired locations, may find there is a great deal of interest from […]

Has Television Changed the Face of Real Estate Investing?

Have you taken a look through the television stations lately? If so, you will quickly notice a plethora of shows featuring home improvement, real estate investing, or some sort of […]

Tips For Responsible Credit Card Use When You Have Bad Credit

If your current credit situation is not as good as it could be you need to be very responsible when using credit cards. While irresponsible spending habits are not always […]

Successful Business Entrepreneurs

Studies have shown that successful business entrepreneurs possess these characteristics: 1. Self-confidence This is that magical power of having confidence in oneself and in one’s powers and abilities. 2. Achievement […]

Wholesaling In Real Estate

In the real estate industry, wholesaling is considered as an entire business itself and it gives you a great chance to generate super-fast profits and not only this you can […]

The Key To Perseverance

The Definition Of Perseverance From a dictionary: “Persisting in or remaining constant to a purpose, idea or task in spite of obstacles.” Notice it doesn’t start, “Wisely persisting…” Perseverance can […]

Work Life Balance: 9 Quick Tips for Managing Overwhelm

Do you feel that your work life balance is teetering on the edge? It may be time to make some changes before the problems overwhelm you and begin to affect […]

Choose the Right Contractors When Flipping Houses

Choose the Right Contractors When Flipping Houses   Investors interested in refurbishing and reselling distressed properties often want inexpensive repair work, but it is important to avoid a contractor scam. […]

The Best Way to Get Started in Foreclosure Investing

The Best Way to Get Started in Foreclosure Investing   Foreclosure investing is actually quite another world when people have finally taken that risk and go for it. This really […]

Can You Be Tied Emotionally to Trade Investments?

Can You Be Tied Emotionally to Trade Investments?   Humans are all emotional being. We do not always make decisions rationally. Emotion is part of us as investors. Investors might […]

Why Make Long-Lasting Relationships with Clients?

Why Make Long-Lasting Relationships with Clients?   Clients are the most precious assets for a business. Without clients, there can be no business. With poor quality of clients, the business […]

4 Tips to Build Your Portfolio

4 Tips to Build Your Portfolio   Walking through the financial maze of stocks, bonds and mutual funds can be quite a challenge. American Century Investments offers the following tips […]

Which “Work At Home” Options Are Best For You?

Which “Work At Home” Options Are Best For You?   When you first decide you’d like to work at home, you may be tempted to search for a telecommuting job […]

Finding Your Ideal Prospects in Your Niche – Part 2

Finding Your Ideal Prospects in Your Niche – Part 2   In yesterday’s article we discussed why it is so important to to select a niche or clearly defined target […]

Finding Your Ideal Prospects in Your Niche – Part 1

Finding Your Ideal Prospects in Your Niche – Part 1   Most marketing experts will tell you that you need select a niche or a target audience. That you can’t […]

Don’t Fear Mortgage Applications!

Don’t Fear Mortgage Applications!   Not knowing if you will qualify for a mortgage loan may be a bit scary. But to increase your odds of getting approved there are […]

Tool Libraries Are a God-Send for New DIYers

Tool Libraries Are a God-Send for New DIYers   Many people love to read but simply to not have the extra cash to make the purchase of books on a […]

Why Should You Make a Consideration of Commercial Real Estate

Why Should You Make a Consideration of Commercial Real Estate   The benefits of commercial real estate greatly outweigh the costs. In fact, I would say that commercial real estate […]

Stabilize Your Current Situation Before You Invest

Before you consider investing in any type of market, you should really take a long hard look at your current situation. Investing in the future is a good thing. Clearing […]

Why You Should Invest

Why should you invest? Investing has become increasingly important over the years, as the future of social security benefits becomes unknown. What Does the Future Hold? People want to insure […]

Getting Your Security Deposit Back

For many renters the subject of the security deposit is somewhat of a touchy subject. Most renters assume they should receive their security deposit back in its entirety. That is […]

Flipping Houses for Fun and Profit

Do you sit on the edge of your seat watching the DIY and home flipping shows? You know the ones. A team goes in and turns a lump of coal […]

Different Types of Credit Card Debt Elimination Programs

Different Types of Credit Card Debt Elimination Programs   When you ask people how they plan to improve their lives, they will often answer you that they would first get […]

Is it Worth-it to Refinance?

Some homeowners may never re-finance while others may re-finance frequently. This is a decision which is largely a matter of personal preference. Sure there are some financial benefits which may […]

Is Real Estate Investing Right For You?

There are all types of investments in this day and age. One of the most often touted for creating millionaires around the world however is real estate investing. Even in […]

Will Staging Sell Your Home Help Sell It?

There is something to be said about a neat and tidy house when you are sorting through house after house looking for the perfect home for you and your family. […]

Thinking of Renting an Apartment?

Renting an apartment is a very serious decision which warrants a great deal of attention before a final decision is made. When choosing an apartment to rent, renters have a […]

Check Out These Great Real Estate Investing Tips

There are many people who would like to get involved in real estate investment but don’t know where to learn how to go about it. If you want to start […]

Consider This Info Before Buying Commercial Property

As a matter of fact, commercial real estate offers more profit potential than even residential properties represent. Finding good opportunities can be difficult. Here is some advice to assist you […]

Why Re-invent the Light bulb?

Have you ever had a problem with a burned light? Thanks to the effort of Thomas Edison we no longer need to invent a light bulb. We just go to […]

3 Magic Bedtime Questions

For many people, life zooms past once they reach their working age. Everyday, it’s the same flash routine of waking up, going to work, coming back from work, and sleeping. […]

Why You Should Re-plan Your Goals Every 6 Months?

There was a time when five-year plans were all the rage. But that was when workers can still count on signing up with a company for life. In the warp-speed […]

How Can You Maximize Profits on Your House Flip?

How Can You Maximize Profits on Your House Flip?   When it comes to real estate investing a house flip is a great way to go. It’s also a rather […]

Do Good, Feel Good, Make Money – Lease to Own Investing

Do Good, Feel Good, Make Money – Lease to Own Investing   Have you dreamed of real estate riches along with dreaming of being in the position to help out […]

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Rental Ownership

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Rental Ownership   While real estate investing is a great line of business to get into in order to make copious piles of money there are […]

Pre-Construction Real Estate Investing – Do You Dare?

Pre-Construction Real Estate Investing – Do You Dare?   If you have the heart and soul of a gambler or love extreme sports and activities such as skydiving or bungee […]

Can You Manage Your Money While Flipping Real Estate?

Can You Manage Your Money While Flipping Real Estate?   Money management during any real estate investment venture is an essential skill. If this is your first time flipping a […]

Forced to Move

Forced to Move   If you are in a position where you are forced to move, say by job transfer or because of health and clinic attendances, and you cannot […]

Having Equity In Your Home

Having Equity In Your Home   If you are a homeowner then you should make building equity in your home one of your number one priorities. The reason for this […]

Four Mistakes Home Buyers Make

Buying a home is part of the American dream – and for millions of Americans, that dream becomes a reality every year. Unfortunately, for every dream that comes true there […]

FSBO: Some Things To Remember

FSBO: Some Things To Remember   If you look at any information on FSBO homes, one trend that continues to emerge is the necessity for proper advertising and exposure for […]

Finding Motivated Sellers

Finding Motivated Sellers     My wife and I were trying to keep the renters happy, the rent coming in and the house repaired – while living 2100 miles away. […]

Practical Tips For the Modern Entreprenuer

Its a great time to be an entrepreneur. In the last decade, technology has leveled the playing field and propelled an entrepreneurial revolution. As an entrepreneur, you now have more […]

Be a Savvy First Time Home Buyer

Be a Savvy First Time Home Buyer   There are so many things to consider prior to buying a home for the first time, there is no wondering why many […]

Finance Deals with Strong Negotiation and Leveraging

The secret to being successful in the real estate investing business is something that might sound a little crazy. Don’t use your own money to fund it! This is the […]

Make Your Home Stand Out Among The Rest

Make Your Home Stand Out Among The Rest   When the real estate market lit on fire and everyone was listing their homes, it became increasingly difficult to sell. Slowly, […]

What Happens After My Offer Is Accepted?

What Happens After My Offer Is Accepted?   You’ve found the home of your dreams, and made an offer. What happens next? Quite a few things, is the answer, before […]

How to sell houses at auctions

How to Sell Houses at Auctions   Advertising your property at auction can be an immense way of selling your home as quickly as possible. But keep in mind to […]

Final Walk-Through – The Value of Your Contract

Final Walk-Through – The Value of Your Contract   A walk-through is an important step in a real estate transaction. To get the most out of it, make sure you […]

Giving your Siding a Face-lift

Giving your Siding a Face-lift   If you are looking to add some value and glamour to your home there is nothing quite like redoing the paint or siding. Now […]

turn Your Knowledge into Profit

“You have unlimited income potential.” Have you ever been told that before? Did you believe them? How about, “You can be your own boss! Set your own hours!” How would […]

Get In On the Foreclosure Niche for Real Estate Investing

Get In On the Foreclosure Niche for Real Estate Investing   foreclosure niche has so many great opportunities right now and they are growing at a rapid speed. These opportunities […]