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What do you dream of?

I’m a HUGE dreamer. I always have been. When I was a child I used to sign my name “Dwan, The President”! I’ve have had lofty goals for as long as I can remember and amazingly enough…I have reached most of them!

Don’t get me wrong…reaching my real estate investing goals came with a LOT of hard work, a TON of mistakes, and now I want to CUT your learning curve so you make NO mistakes!  Imagine becoming a successful real estate investor without having to spend $50,000 on some high-priced, greedy drive-by! 

As I began reaching my own real estate investing goals, I realized I could also teach others how to do the same thing I was doing and WITHOUT the mistakes! The trial and error part of learning is what kills you. One mistake and …BOOM… you could be out of business! You will never have to worry about that again with me by your side!

I specialize in making people’s DREAMS come true!
  • What do you dream of: a house so big that your enemies can’t stop thinking about it, a vacation other people can only dream about, a car so expensive that people stop and stare at you as you roll by, an Ivy League education for your children, the best care possible for aging parents?
Not ready for that just yet?
  • How about something simpler to start: Being able to pay the light and water bill in the same month, getting some new work shoes, just being able to buy some new clothes, buying steak instead of hamburger?
We all have to start somewhere and being on this page is the proof that TODAY is your day to START!
  • Dwanna start making money?
  • Dwanna start sleeping again?
  • Dwanna start planning an amazing vacation?
  • Dwanna start planning your retirement?


Dwan does just that – She Makes Dwandonaire's and YOU are Next! If you really want to kick some real estate investing ass, check out these additional items our MEMBERS enjoy:

Dwantastic LIVE Training Calls: 

Every Wednesday our MEMBERS enjoy a LIVE call with Dwan personally. She answers all of your questions and stays on the call until the last question is answered.

Not one single trainer in the entire real estate arena takes LIVE questions! Have your questions ready as we stay on the call until EVERY question is answered!

  • These calls are PRICELESS to your success. You can talk about your deals, listen to other questions that may not yet have occurred to you, and become a crazy-successful real estate investor! 
  • If you are unable to make the Dwantastic LIVE Training Call, Dwan posts the calls on the site – for Members ears only – so that you can listen at your convenience.
  • Dwan has years of private training calls posted right now. The knowledge is overwhelming on the Dwantastic LIVE Training Call tab. There is nothing like it any place on the Internet!
  • Take time, listen to a few calls a week, and soon you will realize that you are becoming an EXPERT REAL ESTATE INVESTOR, too!

Dwaninator Chat Box:

  • Dwan is so proud of the Dwaninator Chat Box!
  • Between our Dwantastic Training Calls and our Dwaninator Chat Box, you can ask all the questions you want and Dwan will PERSONALLY answer them for you! Have you ever heard of such a thing?
  • There is no question too simple (or stupid which is what newbies worry about) or too difficult.
  • Dwan will even walk you through your deals so that she can share your success with the community!
  • It’s like American Express says, “Membership has its benefits!” Our Dwanderful Membership is second to none and we don’t charge an arm and a leg.
  • Dwan gets so mad at these Real Estate DRIVE-BY’s who charge upwards of $97 to $197 a month or MORE! The average investor getting started can’t afford that! Don’t these scammers know that you might be out of work, or underpaid, or can’t even make rent? Why do they charge so much?
  • Because you can’t afford a high-priced membership, does that mean that you don’t deserve a quality training? Dwan believes that if you make it affordable for all, then more investors will be on the streets, more distressed homeowners will be helped, the circle will continue, and more WEALTH will be created!
  • Her quality is second to none and affordable for all.
  • She hates all of these so-called Drive-By gurus who blow into town, take $50,000 out of your pocket, and then roll into another town. You know who she is talking about: The TV Fix & Flip people…that entire bunch who run a full-time seminar business – NOT A REAL ESTATE INVESTING SYSTEM that will help you.
  • Remember, Dwan started as a broke, single mom on welfare, so she has no tolerance for these Drive-By’s who rape and pillage every town and leave a trail of bankrupt students behind for her to clean-up.
  • Dwan won’t leave you in the dust and if you have been taken advantage of by these Drive-By’s, she will help you make every dollar you were screwed out of and turn it into more than you could imagine!

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Dwan says, “I know I stop by sites all day long and if I don’t register right then and there, I never do. You know deep down that you won’t do it later, you will forget, life will get in the way and so on.”

This is a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have so much information at your fingertips!

Don’t pass up this Dwanderful step towards REAL ESTATE INVESTING SUCCESS!



What can you buy with $1? Certainly not a real estate investing business – UNTIL NOW!

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