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What Does Your Dream Life Look Like?

I’m a HUGE dreamer. I always have been. When I was a child I used to sign my name “Dwan, The President”! I’ve have had lofty goals for as long as I can remember and amazingly enough…I have reached them!

Don’t get me wrong…reaching my real estate investing goals was no easy feat without help! I reached those goals through the “School of Hard Knocks” with a TON of mistakes! Now I want to CUT your learning curve by at least 25 YEARS so you make NO mistakes! Imagine becoming a successful real estate investor without making expensive mistakes!

As I began reaching my own real estate investing goals, I realized I could also teach others how to do the same thing I was doing WITHOUT the mistakes! The trial and error part of learning is what kills you. One mistake and …BOOM… you could be out of business! You will never have to worry about that again with me by your side!

Real People with Real Results

Our Dwanderful Programs are optimized to take you from complete beginner looking to hit the ground running to 6-figure investing empires. No matter where you are in your journey.. newbie or seasoned closer – If you are willing to put in the work, our programs can work for you too!

We all have to start somewhere and being on this page, at this very minute, is God’s way of saying, “It is time!”

  • Dwanna start making money?
  • Dwanna start sleeping again?
  • Dwanna start planning an amazing vacation?
  • Dwanna start planning your retirement?
  • Dwanna just shop for fun?

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“Community” has transformed into one of those clichéd terms, much like “harmony” or “perfection.” However, the moment you become a part of THIS exclusive community of Go-Givers, you step into a network of like-minded achievers who are on the accelerated path to real estate investing success.
Here, we share a deep-rooted passion for real estate and a mutual commitment to achieving our financial goals. Within this dynamic community, we all stand tall, empowering one another to make bold investment moves and embrace their potential as influential real estate investors.


Dwan Bent-Twyford is a 30-year veteran of real estate investing. Whether you are looking for passive income, rentals, SFH, commercial properties, fix & flips, Subject-To’s, storage units, creative financing or anything in the investing world, Dwan is your go-to girl.

She has personally flipped over 2,000 properties in her career – to date! She is considered America’s Most Sought After Real Estate Investor and she coined and trademarked the term “Short Sales” as it applies to real estate investing. On Tuesdays, Dwan teaches you, in detail, about real estate investing. The literal A to Z’s of every topic under the sun! Covering topics that you don’t even know that you don’t know about yet.

She has landed some pretty incredible real estate experts on her show. Many of whom you have never heard on another show. With 30 years of investing, running REIA’s, and speaking on a national level for decades, she has some amazing contacts!

Keeping in mind that money is not the end-all, be-all of life, she digs deep in all areas of well being. She is hilarious and her guests love her. She prides herself on interviewing her guests in a way no one else does!Currently, she and her husband are rehabbing a town! Yes, a town. Check in with Dwan weekly and watch your investing world soar.Her motto is simple: People Before Profits! If this aligns with you, then you must tune-in each week and listen/watch Dwan work her magic.

Her podcast is absolutely binge-worthy, so if you are new to Dwanderful, get busy. You have some catching up to do.

In addition, she has written THREE Best-Sellers, been a guest on hundreds of podcasts, print media, radio, TV and more.

Dwan is pretty incredible. She will absolutely become your go-to podcast girl.

Very entertaining!

Topics are usually pretty good for lay people that find this subject interesting. I’ve just discovered her podcast but I’ve gained more insight and confidence about investing.

Richard Solomon' from the United States

November 21, 2022
via Apple Podcasts

Funny and Fresh

This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. This show is a great way to go deeper into an incredibly broad range of investing topics. Thank you!

Robert Blocker from the United States

November 21, 2022
via Apple Podcasts

Learning so much!

I listened to the max episodes about business and have been absolutely amazed by the effect of her advice. A very interesting discussion on very complex issues.

Terry Davis' from the United States

November 21, 2022
via Apple Podcasts

Lots of nuggets!

This show is excellent. Informative and entertaining. Started listening as recommendations, best one ever. Changed my life a lot. It creates self confidence and inspires me. I highly recommend it!

Raphael Watt from the United States

November 21, 2022
via Apple Podcasts