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Dwan is America's most sought after real estate investor coach.
She has been featured on more than 500 media outlets in interviews and featured articles. For the past 4 years,
Dwan's Podcast has grown in popularity and is now in the top 700 business podcast globally.

I Am America's Most Sought After Real Estate Investor™, Queen Of Short-Sales® & Queen Of Foreclosure®

Hi, I’m Dwan, and I want to share my journey from hardship to success in the real estate investing industry. My story is one of resilience, determination, and seizing opportunities when they come your way.

I’m a HUGE dreamer. I always have been. When I was a child I used to sign my name “Dwan, The President”! I’ve have had lofty goals for as long as I can remember and amazingly enough…I have reached them!

Don’t get me wrong…reaching my real estate investing goals was no easy feat without help! I reached those goals through the “School of Hard Knocks” with a TON of mistakes! Now I want to CUT your learning curve by at least 25 YEARS so you make NO mistakes! Imagine becoming a successful real estate investor without making expensive mistakes!

As I began reaching my own real estate investing goals, I realized I could also teach others how to do the same thing I was doing WITHOUT the mistakes! The trial and error part of learning is what kills you. One mistake and …BOOM… you could be out of business! You will never have to worry about that again with me by your side!


My Story

When I was younger, things took a significant turn when I got married and had a baby. I cherished this moment because I had always wanted to be a dedicated mother, involved in my child’s life as a Girl Scout mom, field trip mom, and slumber party host. However, my life was upended when my husband unexpectedly left me when our daughter was just eight months old. This left me in a dire situation, losing my house, car, and facing numerous challenges.

With no job skills and no college education due to my earlier lifestyle, I faced a daunting reality. Determined to provide for my daughter without relying on daycare, I sought a way to work from home and raise my child. During this time, I met individuals involved in rehabbing houses. Growing up in Ohio, I had developed handy skills, which I initially thought would make rehabbing easy. I quickly learned that the process was much more complex than I had anticipated.

In the early 1990s, without the modern conveniences of the internet or GPS, I embarked on a mission to find foreclosures. I began door-knocking with my baby on my hip, offering to help people in distress by buying and rehabbing their houses. My first deal, despite the steep learning curve, yielded a profit of $22,000, a significant sum at the time. Encouraged by this success, I continued, and my second deal brought in $50,000.

Over the years, I moved into wholesaling, where I found significant success. I started by living in and rehabbing houses until my daughter started kindergarten. Eventually, I expanded my portfolio to include rental properties and commercial buildings. Today, my husband and I are rehabbing an entire town in Iowa.


As my success grew, people began seeking my advice. I started teaching others, holding workshops, writing books, and creating training programs. My educational efforts include two bestselling books and a popular podcast.

My approach to real estate is rooted in helping others while creating financial stability for myself and my family. I emphasize the importance of starting with simpler tasks in real estate, such as wholesaling, to build knowledge and confidence. I advise against jumping into complex projects without proper experience, as the risks can be significant.

I’m proud of achieving my goal of being a hands-on mom, never missing a single event in my daughter’s life. My journey showcases the importance of aligning personal values with professional endeavors.

I draw strength and guidance from my faith, viewing God as my mentor. I remain deeply connected with a community of like-minded individuals and industry professionals, ensuring I stay updated with the latest trends and information in real estate.

My story is a powerful example of how determination, hard work, and a willingness to learn can transform lives. My success in the real estate industry, combined with my commitment to family and helping others, makes me a truly remarkable and inspiring figure.

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