Many people are making the choice to sell their homes themselves. While it is said that this method of home sales can save an owner money in commission fees, it should be noted that usually the money saved in commission is spent in other areas. Typically an agent’s commission for a home sale is approximately 5-7%. However what many people do not realize is that it will cost them at least that to see that their home closes properly. There are many costs that the average home owner does not know about that are covered in the sales process by a realtor.


The sale of a home is a major undertaking. It is kind of like taking on a second full time job. The marketing of a home itself can be a costly and time consuming process. A realtor has a great selection of advantages when it comes to marketing a home. Usually they will have a previously established web presence. This is vital in ensuring that your home receives proper coverage and exposure. The first time that many prospective buyers see your home will be on the internet, not only on the realtor’s site but on the local MLS as well. This is one aspect that is difficult to attain when selling a home yourself. Realtors also have the advantage of being able to take out full page color ads in the local newspapers. This really showcases their listings.

Negotiations and Execution

The main area where a realtor’s experience comes into play is during the contact negotiations and execution. Agent’s are trained in the proper execution of contracts and all aspects of closing a home. This part of the selling procedure can be extremely confusing and expensive. There are numerous lawyer’s and notary costs that can easily inflate a sellers cost beyond the small saving on commission. Also, take into account the fact that a large percentage of people who attempt to sell their homes on their own, eventually end up listing with an agent when their home does not draw the necessary attention to sell in a timely manner. Add to this the fact that homes sold with an agent typically close for over 20 thousand dollars more than homes sold by owners. Suddenly an agent becomes a fairly attractive concept.

Remember, it is likely that a professional agent will be able to dedicate more time to the sale of your home than you. After all, you have to work yourself, and for an agent, selling your house is the work.

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