Knowing When Your Ready To Buy

All across the United States, there are millions of people looking to a buy home – either now or in the future. Over the last few years, lower interest rates have come along, making it more affordable than ever to buy a home. When most people stop and give it some thought – buying a […]

Can I Have a Home Inspected Prior to Placing an Offer?

A lot of first-time buyers wonder if it is all right to have a home inspected before they place an offer on a house they are interested in. The answer is yes, definitely, if you want to be certain it is the house for you quickly so you don’t waste time haggling. A home inspection […]

Perfect Home – But Furniture Won’t Fit?

You’ve been looking for a home and you’ve found one that feels almost perfect. The location is convenient and you can picture your family living here happily. There’s a problem, however. One or more pieces of furniture you’ve had for years just will not fit. Do you buy the home anyway, or keep looking? Move […]

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Home?

Many factors come into play when putting your home on the market, but a study conducted by Zillow in 2016 has revealed that May is the best month to try to sell your home – and in particular early May. The Statistics The Zillow research discovered that homes listed between May 1 through May 15 […]

What Does a Realtor Do Besides Show Me Homes?

A realtor can offer a wide range of assistance to prospective home buyers. Choosing the right one can save you a great deal of money and secure you the home of your dreams. Is Every Real Estate Agent a Realtor? The quick answer is no. Therefore, you need to be sure you are working with […]

Learn All You Can On Real Estate Investing

No doubt investing in real estate can be a little scary. You need to have good information to begin with. With good knowledge about investing, you can profit easily. Check out these ideas to give you a great place to start. After you are comfortable learning about it, you can feel better about the decisions […]

Are Rent-to-Own Home Offers Legitimate?

  Many people dream about owning their own home but don’t feel they can afford it, for various reasons. It can be a considerable commitment to scrape together a down payment and all of the legal and closing costs involved in buying a property from a seller. In addition, people might be deemed a credit […]

What Does the Future of Real Estate Marketing Look Like?

Many believe that the future of real estate marketing is quite grim for real estate agents. It is quite hard to argue with that. The fast evolution of the Internet has made it possible for the homeowner to sell his own property. There are tutorials on how to sell the home for maximum profits and […]

FSBO – What to Expect

For most people, the prospect of selling their home can be positively daunting. First of all, there are usually plenty of things to do just to get it ready for the market. Besides the traditional clean-up, paint-up, fix-up chores that invariably wind up costing more than you planned, there are always other overriding concerns. These […]

The #1 Secret That Made My Business Blow-Up

Here is the beginning of an article from titled, “Real Estate Investors Can Defer Taxes with a 1031 Exchange”. Should you be saving on your taxes every year? Check it out: Paying taxes on capital gains for property transactions has always been a hindrance to those involved in real estate investment. Why should investors […]