Foreclosures Suck

If you are facing a foreclosure, there may be options to negotiate a workout program with your lender. To get help with a foreclosure you have to start by talking to your lender. Help is available if you are willing to workout a reasonable repayment plan with your lender. While this can sometimes be difficult, […]

Avoid Home Buying Blues at Closing

Buying a home is a stressful and emotional affair. You can avoid the home buying blues by keeping your cool at closing. I’ve just come from a settlement table at which a friend bought a new condo. It’s beautiful, convenient, and just what she wanted. However, at the settlement table she and a relative whom […]

Boost Your Spain Property Rental Profits with Viral Marketing

[text_output] If you are pressed for time and tenants, you'll want to read this! Property rentals can be very lucrative if you know how to market to your potential guests. Whether it's an apartment for rent, villa rental for vacationers, or a golf holiday rental, you can boost profits with these simple marketing strategies. Maximize [...]

#16 Face-to-Face with the Homeowner

Dwan reviews some of the key episodes that have led to this point and begins walking listeners through the Fed Up packet. She talks about why she will never approach a homeowner without it and why you should follow her lead. Tomorrow’s episode contains descriptions of the first 2 options in the packet. In fact, [...]

#14 The Mindset of a Distressed Homeowner

Tomorrow’s episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever is all about recognizing the mindset or emotional state of the homeowner. You may be surprised to learn that your biggest fear is not as common as you think. As a result, most homeowners will be willing to talk with you. Since you only have [...]

#13 How to Build Instant Rapport with Homeowners

The next episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever is the first episode of the first season: approaching a homeowner about their foreclosure. For instance, Dwan breaks down her fail-proof script line-by-line and explains to listeners how and why it works to build instant rapport. You will be surprised to hear how a [...]

Knocking on Doors We Found an Investor/Buyer Looking for 60 Homes!

--FFFF Bobbie and Bill You’re already thinking, “Knocking on doors? Is she nuts? If I have to knock on doors, I want to return the program right now. I’m not going to just knock on a door and speak to strangers. No way!” Folks, it’s okay to feel like that. I can still vividly remember my palms sweating, my [...]

When it Comes to Real Estate Investing, Location Can Be a Great Motivator

Charmie and Sandipa AP Training When it comes to real estate investment, it all comes down to the location of the property. Real estate is one of the best ways to use money in terms of long-term investment. With the right real estate purchase, someone who spent thousands could later own millions. When iBackend Editort [...]