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You’re already thinking, “Knocking on doors? Is she nuts? If I have to knock on doors, I want to return the program right now.

I’m not going to just knock on a door and speak to strangers. No way!” Folks, it’s okay to feel like that. I can still vividly remember my palms sweating, my stomach feeling nervous, and being afraid of what the homeowners might say or do.

These are unwarranted fears. The homeowners are more surprised than you are nervous. Honestly, folks, door knocking is the fastest way to get deals. In this program, I’m going to show you lots of methods that work great. Most of these ways require you to WAIT for business. I say, suck it up and go GET the business.

By knocking on just 20 doors, you should have at least four properties under contract. You can do that in one day!

This first section has a lot of tips on building rapport, scripts, and more.

These are to be used with all the methods, not just this one.

When I first started investing in real estate, this was the only way I knew of to find homeowners in distress. I would go to the courthouse, write down the addresses of the foreclosures, and knock on doors.

For years I would knock on the door, state that I was at the courthouse doing some research, saw that they were in foreclosure, and that I wanted to buy their house.

I since learned that the blunt approach is not the best approach.

Although I got quite a few houses this way, it’s amazing that I didn’t have more doors slammed in my face. I have
since learned a kinder, gentler approach. There are different thoughts on door knocking.

To this day, I still knock on doors.