Avoid Home Buying Blues at Closing

Buying a home is a stressful and emotional affair. You can avoid the home buying blues by keeping your cool at closing. I’ve just come from a settlement table at which a friend bought a new condo. It’s beautiful, convenient, and just what she wanted. However, at the settlement table she and a relative whom […]

Commission Agreements

The way that brokers are paid are usually spelled out in the commission agreement.  Sometime the formula changes, but the terms and conditions are usually kept the same. Because of this, standard terms and conditions of commission agreements are often ignored by brokers and owners once the agreement is signed. Since the broker’s income is […]

#65 – Eight Special Contract Clauses You MUST Know

Eight special contract clauses you MUST know are covered in this episode. Also, Dwan continues “Flipping February ” by motivating listeners. In fact, she’s helping you flip deals so that you can make $20K in twenty days. Lastly, remember the truth is in the red letters. Happy February!   Connect with Dwan: https://dwanderful.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Dwanderful/ https://twitter.com/DwanderfulTweet […]

Bulgarian Houses Bulgarian Real Estate Your Top Investment

Quest Bulgaria takes a look at the reality of re-sales of property in Bulgaria and how much your property might be worth. Bulgarian Properties Knight Frank, one of the UK’s most respected residential and commercial property consultancies, recently published a report stating that high increases in residential property prices placed Bulgaria in second place in […]

Networking and Word of Mouth Opportunities

Ray in Denver NETWORKING AND WORD OF MOUTH OPPORTUNITIES Building a good and trustworthy reputation is essential. Believe it or not, there is a small circle of real estate investors working in each area. Once you begin working in this business, you will probably meet them all. Get some business cards stating your name, phone number, and [...]

Knocking on Doors We Found an Investor/Buyer Looking for 60 Homes!

--FFFF Bobbie and Bill You’re already thinking, “Knocking on doors? Is she nuts? If I have to knock on doors, I want to return the program right now. I’m not going to just knock on a door and speak to strangers. No way!” Folks, it’s okay to feel like that. I can still vividly remember my palms sweating, my [...]

When it Comes to Real Estate Investing, Location Can Be a Great Motivator

Charmie and Sandipa AP Training When it comes to real estate investment, it all comes down to the location of the property. Real estate is one of the best ways to use money in terms of long-term investment. With the right real estate purchase, someone who spent thousands could later own millions. When iBackend Editort [...]

The Investor’s Edge University: Real Estate Investing News and Notes #2.

Hello Everyone!  Check out the 2nd Installment of ‘Real Estate Investing News and Notes’ from The Investor’s Edge University.   Here is the introduction from an AOL Real Estate article that gave us a look at 4 ways to make money in real estate.     Most people purchase real estate in hopes of earning […]

The Investor’s Edge University: Real Estate Investing News and Notes.

Here is an interesting look at the real estate market in 2014 from prnewswire.com   Recent research studies from the PricewaterhouseCoopers and Urban Land Institute conducted on over 1,000 participants from many economic fields ranging from real estate industry consultants to property investors have concluded that there are strong investment prospects, particularly in the area […]