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Are you an EEyore? Do You Know How to Use Your Body Language?

Today’s Bonus Tip:

Body Language

  1. When communicating with others is not getting you what you want, the first step is to recognize what it is you want to change and then create some alternatives to achieve your results.
  2. Body Language reveals hidden messages. Many of which we would rather keep to ourselves. Some people are better at disguising theirs than others.  In body language, everyone has various degrees of signals they are not aware of.
  3. Learn what your pitfalls are and correct them. Most of the time, we are totally unaware of the signals we are giving out. The more aware you become of these signals; the more effective your communication will be.
  4. Non-verbal Pacing and Leading is done with body language.
  5. There are THREE different areas considered in body language.
  6. Voice
  7. Head and Face
  8. Body


  1. Tone
  2. Accent
  3. Pauses
  4. Stresses
  5. Speed
  6. Hesitations

Head and Face

  1. Facial expressions
  2. Eye movements
  3. Muscle movements
  4. Skin color
  5. Head movements (up, down, back and forth)
  6. Eye contact
  7. Head position
  8. Mouth expressions
  9. Muscle tension


  1. Stand up straight.
  2. Be alert.
  3. Look and feel confident.
  4. Hand gestures (one or both).
  5. Moving arms and hands with words.
  6. Moving arms and hands without words.

Lean with your body (forward and backward).

  1. Touching others.
  2. Timing of movements.
  3. Breathing position: High, Mid, or Low in chest.
  4. Position and direction of legs and feet.
  5. Proximity to others.
  6. Physically show you care (all of the above).