Dwandonaires in The Making- Brian Cox from Nebraska on The Foreclosure Bus!

As I began reaching my own real estate investing goals, I realized I could also teach others how to do the same thing I was doing and WITHOUT the mistakes! Visit me at – www.Dwanderful.com We love to bring students to the mountains to show them what we are doing. Regardless of where you live, we can […]

Cookie-Cutter Houses and What To Say When Door Knocking

Today's Bonus Tip: Here are some do's and don’ts when you knock on doors or meet a homeowner in person: Do not wear sunglasses. Homeowners can’t see your eyes and subconsciously you seem suspicious. Never wear a hat, like a baseball cap. Again, homeowners can’t see your eyes and seem suspicious.  Always have a clipboard [...]

Are you an EEyore? Do You Know How to Use Your Body Language?

Today's Bonus Tip: Body Language When communicating with others is not getting you what you want, the first step is to recognize what it is you want to change and then create some alternatives to achieve your results.   Body Language reveals hidden messages. Many of which we would rather keep to ourselves. Some people [...]

Anger is your friend – Repeat, Approve and Respond

Repeat, Approve, and Respond   This is one of the most critical lessons you will learn. This alone will add 30% more transactions to your production per year.     The highest human needs are acceptance, love, and approval. Therefore, when you ask questions you should always repeat the answer and give approval.   Use [...]