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On this episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever, Dwan outlines the plan for the Podcast in 2019, which will be organized into 4 seasons: flipping properties, short sales, rentals, and becoming a rehabber. Dwan shares from her own experience and describes her motivations for teaching on each of these topics.

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 7:39 – On the Podcast this year, Dwan is going to organize things by seasons (quarterly).
  • 8:39 – The first season is going to be about flipping properties. As Dwan has discussed before, this includes having lists of vendors, scripts, homeowner communications such as the “Fed Up with Foreclosures” packet, and contracts. Dwan encourages you to aim to make $30,000 on every deal and challenges listeners to close at least one deal in the first quarter of 2019.
  • 13:33 – The second season is going to be about short sales, where you ask for a discount from the bank that will allow you to flip the property and make that $30,000.
  • 14:48 – The third season’s topic will be rentals. Dwan wants to encourage listeners to start buying rentals in 2019 because they are the way to long-term wealth. Rentals create a job for you and they are the #1 way to become a millionaire in real estate investing.
  • 16:43 – The fourth season’s topic will be becoming a rehabber. This is how Dwan got her start, and it is great experience for the other aspects of real estate investing.
  • 19:26 – Dwan also has 2020’s Podcast planned out, but she won’t be recording those episodes ahead of time because she wants to be relevant to the current market.
  • 20:17 – If you haven’t taken advantage of the free resources on Dowanderful.com, go check them out.
  • 21:54 – Dwan talks about her plans for her “new at 60” look.
  • 24:04 – During season one, Dwan will be discussing the emotions of the homeowner, the 10 options available to them, and closing the deal.
  • 24:38 – Check out the Flipping Contracts Boot Camp program on dwanerful.com/flip for a 6-week immersive course at a special rate.
  • 27:18 – Dwan plans to talk about how she has $100,000 per month in passive income and how you can be successful, wealthy, and close deals.
  • 33:08 – Your assignment this week is to go back and watch the first 11 episodes of the Podcast if you haven’t before.

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