Commission Agreements

The way that brokers are paid are usually spelled out in the commission agreement.  Sometime the formula changes, but the terms and conditions are usually kept the same. Because of this, standard terms and conditions of commission agreements are often ignored by brokers and owners once the agreement is signed. Since the broker’s income is […]

Advantages In Joining an MLS Real Estate Listing

Real estate investing is always good and sometimes it’s red hot. When it’s hot dozens of real estate seminars begin rolling across the country and thousands of people spend thousands of dollars for investing in education. It’s startling to learn that of all those thousands of eager folks who attend these seminars only about 5% […]

#81 Take Stock of Where You Are Today

Take Stock of Where You Are Today

Take stock of where you are today. In this episode, Dwan encourages listeners as she highlights the five equities of life. Then, she invites you to assess each one individually. Also, she shares her own personal journey from the pandemic. Furthermore, she emphasizes that we all need to take a minute to regroup, reset and […]

#72 Ayla Asks Questions About Joint Ventures

Dwan and Ayla Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Ayla asks questions about joint ventures, and Dwan explains everything you need to know. In fact, Dwan shares how to protect yourself. Also, Dwan also shares her honest opinion including several words of caution with personal testimonies to back those warnings. In conclusion, listeners will have no question about whether Dwan is an advocate of […]

#71 Investing On the Go

Investing on the Go: Buying Time for Homeowners

Investing on the Go is a Saturday series with Bill Twyford, Dwan’s husband, and you’re invited to join them for this inaugural episode. First, Dwan and Bill share his story. Next, they share how they met and their personal history of real estate investing together. Also, they give listeners a snapshot of what to expect […]

#70 Pros and Cons of Rentals

Pros and Cons of Rentals

Pros and cons of owning rentals is Dwan’s topic to kick of March Madness. First, she shares insightful tips about landlord protection. Next, she shares personal lessons she has learned as a landlord. In fact, she shares her personal light bulb moment in choosing renters to entrust with your investment. Lastly, Dawn encourages you to […]

Boost Your Spain Property Rental Profits with Viral Marketing

[text_output] If you are pressed for time and tenants, you'll want to read this! Property rentals can be very lucrative if you know how to market to your potential guests. Whether it's an apartment for rent, villa rental for vacationers, or a golf holiday rental, you can boost profits with these simple marketing strategies. Maximize [...]

#67 Pros and Cons of Being a Real Estate Investor

Pros and cons of being a real estate investor is Dwan’s topic to kick off March Madness. First, she shares a special announcement. Also, she includes everything you need to know about developing a business partnership. Furthermore, Dwan candidly shares personal stories speaking from 30 years of experience as a real estate investor. You’re invited […]

#65 – Eight Special Contract Clauses You MUST Know

Eight special contract clauses you MUST know are covered in this episode. Also, Dwan continues “Flipping February ” by motivating listeners. In fact, she’s helping you flip deals so that you can make $20K in twenty days. Lastly, remember the truth is in the red letters. Happy February!   Connect with Dwan: […]

Austin Home Prices are Deceiving

Don’t let the median price of an Austin home fool you! There is no denying that the median value of homes in the Austin area are lower than the national average. This can be a bit deceiving, though. Many investors, retirees, and people relocating for jobs have been attracted to our area because of how […]