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The best thing I can do for you is to share some of my hilarious, bone-head mistakes and successes so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

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In an expansion or a recession, there’s always an opportunity. For real estate investors, any situation is good. Success will depend on how you work your way through these situations. Join Dwan as she welcomes Nitzan Mosery to the podcast for the...

Today’s digital age has helped many people communicate faster and easier. However, when finding the right deals as a real estate investor, meeting people in person is still the most effective way. When you know the right things to say to distressed...

The word of the week is Energy. You leave an imprint on every community you build and develop. It takes a while and requires a lot of effort, but it is all worth it. Seeing the community you built go to new heights is such a beautiful sight. Join Dwan...

Many people are asking about the right way to estimate the ARV of the After-Repair Value of a property. There are different formulas that others use to do this, but for Dwan and Bill, it can be summarized into three steps. Join Bill and Dwan as they...