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In this episode of Dwanderful, Bill fills in for Dwan and encourages listeners during the Coronavirus pandemic. He highlights how the shutdown affects everyone and emphasizes how each person can do their part. Bill also issues a charge for how to operate once the shutdown is lifted and moving forward. Listeners will especially learn why it is important not to rely on the government for financial security. 

Bill candidly shares how the pandemic is affecting their own business but encourages that “we are all in this together.” If you are able to help other people, he encourages you to do so and gives some great ideas on how to do that.

You can also find Bill on Saturday’s with Investing on the Go,  at Investor’s Edge University or even daily on Facebook Live during the coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe, be well and remember that the truth is in the red letters!

Time Stamps:

  • 1:01 Bill welcomes you to today’s podcast.
  • 1:38 Bill gives an update on Dwan and shares why he’s doing the podcast.
  • 3:07 Bill shares the topic for today.
  • 5:09 Encourages you not to count on the government and count on yourself.
  • 7:51 Bill talks about the difference between working for yourself and working for others.
  • 8:17 Bill exhorts you not to ride the unemployment/stimulus wave.
  • 9:51  Bill encourages you that God is with you, in control and helps those who help themselves.
  • 10:35 Bill encourages you to be a productive part of society and work when your job is available.
  • 11:28 Bill shares what is going to happen when the dollar is no longer the world currency.
  • 12:14 Bill talks about running on the financial “red line.”
  • 13:20 Bill shares Beso’s perspective and the reason behind it.
  • 16:04 Bill shares his experience with Spirit Airlines.
  • 19:02 Bill encourages you to help people out and gives ideas.
  • 21:15 Bill talks about living life with your hands clenched tightly.
  • 23:35 Bill talks about the “E” quadrant and other quadrants.
  • 24:52 Bill talks about false security.
  • 26:52 Bill talks about his tenants.
  • 27:17 Bill talks about how the shutdown has affected their business.
  • 29:36 Bill talks about how the shutdown affects people on different levels.
  • 31:16 “We’re all in this together.”
  • 31:36 Bill encourages you to figure out what you’re good at and find the positive in the situation.

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