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In this episode of Investing on the Go, Bill shares his insight and tips on working with skeptical homeowners. He candidly shares a story from his and Dwan’s own personal experience. In addition, Bill emphasizes the importance of doing your homework including fine-tuning communication skills and objection handling.

Listeners will appreciate Bill’s  valuable insight packed into a quick, digestible, 15 minute segment. Bill gets straight to the point and is clear with his message. His tips are practical, relevant and easy to follow.

Bill asks you to share this segment and kindly give a five star review. You can also find him at Investor’s Edge University or daily on Facebook Live during the coronavirus pandemic. Stay safe, be well and remember that champions never fail!

Time Stamps:

  • :51 Bill kicks off 15 minutes of rockstar investing tips.
  • 1:05 Bill explains his new back drop.
  • 2:59 Bill shares the episode topic, working with skeptical homeowners.
  • 3:12 Bill explains what it means to qualify the person.

4:21 Bill shares why it’s hard for you to move on from a skeptical homeowner.

5:17 Bill shares the importance of doing your homework.

8:13 Bill talks about the definition of a motivated lead.

10:15 Bill talks about his personal success and his approach.

12:06 Bill shares a personal story.

15:51 Bill underscores the importance of objection handling and communication skills.

16:02 Bill shares his motto.

17:31 Bill asks you to share and give five stars.

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