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Dwan kicks off March Madness highlighting the pros and cons of real estate investing. She also shares a special announcement plus everything you need to know about developing a business partnership. As always, Dwan candidly shares personal stories speaking from 30 years of experience as a real estate investor. You’re invited to join in the journey as she shares how you, too, can be successful in flipping contracts.

Listeners will be encouraged as Dwan talks about the benefits of financial freedom and how to obtain it. In conclusion, she issues a special challenge to quiet the mind. She also shares where to get all the documents you need in order to follow her tips and more.

Dwan asks you to follow these tips so that you can watch your year explode. She also requests for you to join the free membership on her website, kindly subscribe to her podcasts and share this episode with your network. Happy March and happy flipping!

Time Stamps:

  • 1:20 Dwan shares her goal at Dwanderful.
  • 1:57 Dwan cheers to hard lemonade.
  • 2.33 Dwan shares a funny story.
  • 8:10 Dwan shares a March update including a new audio only Saturday podcast coming up with Bill about investing on the go.
  • 13: 11 Dwan invites you to join her on Facebook Live.
  • 15:11 Dwan introduces March Madness, the pros and cons of real estate investing.
  • 15:56 Dwan shares the pros of real estate investing.
  • 17: 30 Dwan talks about financial freedom.
  • 21:32 Dwan shares what it takes to flip contracts in less than 30 days and where to get the documents you need.
  • 24:20 Dwan shares about working with a partner.
  • 30:32 Dwan shares the cons of real estate investing.
  • 31:15 Dwan issues the challenge to quieting your mind.
  • 31:58 Dwan invites you to subscribe to the podcast and share across social media with a five star review.

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