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In this episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever, Dwan kicks of “Flipping February ” with the fourth way to get a deal under contract in her Treasure Trove series. Her tip this week is to put business card sized ads in elementary school or church newsletters that have a captive reading audience. Dwan shares why this approach works and suggests attention grabbing content for these ads.

Dwan includes an important homework assignment for this week. She also shares inspiring personal testimony as encouragement to “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” and to spur you on in closing three contracts by the end of this month.

As always, Dwan says to follow these tips and watch your year explode. She also requests for you to kindly subscribe, share the podcast with iheartradio and SiriusXM as well as across all social media channels. Thank you to you, her listeners, she is currently in the top 20%. Together, with your help, her goal is to be in the top 1-5%. Happy February and happy flipping!

Time Stamps:

  • :51  Dwan welcomes you to the best place to become a real estate millionaire ever.
  • :89 Dwan asks for a show of hands of how many make less money than they think they’re worth.
  • 1:01 Dwan lists the reasons people make less money than they think they’re worth.
  • 1:88 Dwan introduces herself.
  • 2:51 Dwan introduces her flamingo sidekicks in the background from her podcast studio in Colorado.
  • 2:65 Dwan shares her story and encourages you that if she can pull herself up by her bootstraps, you can too.
  • 3:02 Dwan cheers to Dasani water and shares an emotional update.
  • 5:02 Dwan kicks off “flipping February” shares recaps the previous ways to flip a deal that she has shared.
  • 6:75 Dwan shares what we’re working on for next 3 weeks-contracts- and gives an assignment to become a free member and download two documents.
  • 7:90 Dwan explains the documents.
  • 8:92 Dwan shares about Clinton, Iowa.
  • 9:66 Dwan shares the fourth way to get a deal – in newsletters.
  • 10.83 Dwan shares about her adventures in Tennessee with her family.
  • 12:02 Dwan shares that there are lots of ways to get deals but she is sharing the ones that you can get like tomorrow.
  • 12:06  Dwan asks you to private message her on her Dwanderful Facebook page with whether you liked the Q&A and how you feel about moving the Podcast to Thursdays.
  • 17:80 Dwan shares her personal story of how newsletters worked for her and the importance of having things working for you in the background.
  • 18:81 Dwan shares why you don’t want to personally alway be looking for deals.
  • 19:59 Dwan shares ideas for ads in the newsletters.
  • 23:80 Dwan shares ideas for where to place ads.
  • 25:02 Dwan shares a door knocking story with one of her apprentices, Jewel.
  • 28:08 Dwan recaps that you’re going to combine all the things you’ve been learning since the beginning of the year.
  • 28:70 Dwan shares the #1 thing people attribute to holding them back.
  • 32:62 Dwan challenges you to focus on healthy eating this week by eating lean protein, vegetables and watching sugar.
  • 33:76 Dwan’s flipping challenge is to have three deals closed by the end of this month.
  • 33:91 Dwan asks for you to share the podcast on your social media with the goal of being in the top percent of listeners.
  • 33:99 Dwan encourages new listeners to go back and listen from the beginning.

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