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In this episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever, Dwan issues the third challenge in her Treasure Trove series to make $20,000 in 20 days in 2020. This episode includes the third of four ways to find people in distress that you probably aren’t doing and no one talks about.

Dwan’s third of four ways to help people in distress is to work with probate and bankruptcy attorneys. She explains why and how this practical tip works and shares her own personal story of how she discovered this approach.

Dwan is hosting a special 6 week program on her website to help listeners flip contracts including all the paperwork needed from the beginning to the end of the process. In addition, she shares the details about the new 100% funding available for double closings through a hedge fund.

Dwan says to follow these tips and watch your year explode. She also requests for you to kindly share the podcast with iheartradio and SiriusXM as well as across all social media channels.

Time Stamps:

  • 1:41 –  Dwan shares that she is in Florida for her granddaughter’s birthday and how they are going to celebrate.
  • 2:13 – Dwan recaps her goal at Dwanderful.
  • 2:56 – Dwan toasts to a drink of her brand new raspberry live enzymes.
  • 3:48 – Dwan kicks off this week’s Treasure Trove.
  • 4:19 – Dwan shares about the $200 million hedge fund that she and her husband have joined to be able to loan money.
  • 5:45 – Dwan shares what double closing means.’
  • 6:49 –  Dwan explains what transactional funding is.
  • 7:19 – Dwan shares that the hedge fund is allowing assignment of contracts and what that means.
  • 8:30 –  Dwan explains how the loan works if you are going to rehab.
  • 10:05 – Dwan shares how she met the man who started the hedge fund and how she is going to do 1:1 apprentice training with him and teach his loan officers what real estate investors need.
  • 16:36 – Dwan shares about her new nails.
  • 17:39 – Dwan shares what “not” to do with the attorney’s free consultation and how to proceed.
  • 18:26 – Dwan shares the two types of attorneys she wants you to work with and what those types of attorneys do.
  • 20:12 – Dwan shares where you can find the probate and bankruptcy files and how to pick which attorneys you’re going to contact.
  • 20:59 – Dwan tells you what to tell the probate attorney.
  • 23:19 – Dwan shares about the first probate deal she did.
  • 27:12 – Dwan shares that 75% of bankruptcies are filed within 72 hours of people getting ready to lose their home.
  • 29:07 – Dwan recaps this week’s challenge.
  • 30:56 – Dwan suggests the advertising fee to pay the attorney and the presentation to give.
  • 32:46 – Dwan shares her heart for helping you close deals.
  • 33:06 – Dwan shares her special program to make $20,000 in 20 days in 2020.
  • 33:36 – Dwan asks you to share her weekly episodes with iheartradio and SiriusXM.
  • 34:54 – Dwan asks listeners to share the link for her podcast across all social media accounts.

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