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In this episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever, Dwan issues the second challenge in her Treasure Trove series to make $20,000 in 20 days in 2020. This episode includes the second of four ways to find people in distress that you probably aren’t doing and no one talks about.

Dwan’s second of four ways to help people in distress is to advertise in pawn shops by offering an advertising incentive to the pawn shop owner. She explains why and how this practical tip works and shares her own personal story of how this approach helped her take her business to the next level.

Dwan is hosting a special 6 week program on her website to help you flip contracts including all the paperwork needed. In addition, she has 100% funding available for double closings and explains how that works.

Happy 2020 from Dwan! Follow these tips and watch your year explode. As always, please share your testimonials and don’t forget to ask your questions in the chat box.

Time Stamps:

  • :38  Dwan recaps her Treasure Trove challenge from last week.
  • 1:20 Dwan kicks off the second challenge of how to get your second deal in a way you’re not doing.
  • 1:34  Dwan shares her goal for you at Dwanderful.
  • 2:19 Dwan reveals challenge #2-talk to people at pawn shops.
  • 3:30 Dwan celebrates this is her 60th podcast at age 60 to a drink of live enzymes and a tip on drinking lemon water to get your body alkaline.
  • 6:15 Dwan encourages listeners to drink lemon water every day this week until the next segment of Dwanderful.
  • 7:27  Dwan dispels the myth around pawn shops with her own personal testimony.
  • 10:00 The pawn shop owner shared with Dwan that by the time people sell stuff, they are trying to make enough money for a meal.
  • 14:24 Dwan shares how she handles the transaction with the pawn shop owner and accounts for the transaction so it’s not “under the table.”
  • 15:39 Dwan shares how two deals from one pawn shop opened up advertising with 7 more pawn shops (8 total).
  • 18:24 Dwan challenges you to go to every pawn shop in your area. Do not email or call. Go in person.
  • 19:00 Dwan exhorts you not to be cheap (offer the pawn shop owner 5-10% of what you make).
  • 20:23 Because of this approach, Dwan hires an assistant because she is wholesaling 75 houses a year.
  • 21:00 Dwan buys a building in an up and coming area.
  • 23:15 Dwan shares the story of how the Lord gave her clarity to take the next step to go to the next level in her business.
  • 25:38 Dwan talks to the people that dont want to go door knocking.
  • 26:13 Dwan says you can eventually have other people get deals for you but you have to be able to do it on your own first and know how to do it.
  • 26:45 Dwan encourages you not to teach your assistant to do everything or they won’t need you and shares her story of how she learned the hard way.
  • 28:26 Dwan challenges you to be the best you that you can be this week and accept her challenge by going to 20 pawn shop owners and applying her tips which could potentially generate 4-7 leads.
  • 30:35 If you are new, you can find step by step instructions in previous segments.
  • 30:58 Dwan shares how she’s walked a mile in your shoes and now she wants you to walk a mile in hers.
  • 31:30 Dwan recaps the challenge.
  • 31:55 Dwan shares how she has 100% funding for double closings and what that means.
  • 33:13 Go to Dwanderful.com/flip for a 6 week boot camp and all the paperwork you need for each step of the way.

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