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In this episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever, Dwan kicks off the decade encouraging listeners to dig deep with this new Treasure Trove series and her first challenge to make $20,000 in 20 days in 2020. This episode includes the first of four ways to find people in distress that you probably aren’t doing and no one talks about.

Dwan’s first of four ways to help people in distress is to visit bail bondsmen in their local area or the nearest city. She explains how the bond process works and why making a deal on a deed held for collateral will ultimately help the family of the convicted criminal. She highlights this process through her own personal testimony of how she became a single mom.

After years of connecting and closing nearly 100 deals with bail bondsmen, Dwan is hosting a special program offer on her website. This program is specifically for her podcast listeners to receive the benefit of her years of “winging it” and trying to figure out the process on her own.

Happy New Year and Happy 2020 from Dwan! Please share your testimonials and don’t forget to ask your questions in the chat box.

Time Stamps:

  • :26 Dwan kicks off the new year with cheers to a glass of Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio and tells listeners to count on a decade of weekly podcasting with her.
  • 1:29 Dwan encourages listeners to contact iheartradio and SiriusXM to mention her and request a daily show
  • 2:22 Dwan shares a personal story of her New Year’s Eve with dad and growing up in Tennessee.
  • 6:05 Dwan shares her vision for the podcast topics in 2020 including seasons and pop-up seasons.
  • 9:03 Dwan kicks off the first season of deep diving, A Treasure Trove. This season will include 4 ways you can find people who are in distress that you probably aren’t doing and no one talks about.
  • 12:16 Dwan issues the challenge to make $20,000 in 20 days for 2020.
  • 14:10 Dwan shares the first way she finds people: talk to bail bondsman.
  • 14:59 Dwan shares WHY you would want to talk to a bail bondsman.
  • 15:29 To help people get out of jail, a bail bondsman needs collateral. Deed to a house=collateral.
  • 15:46 Dwan shares her personal testimony of applying this tip.
  • 18:36 Dwan refers to the courthouse worksheet available at her website.
  • 22:57 Dwan encourages listeners why they don’t need to be hesitant about buying a criminal’s house. ‘
  • 23:18 Dwan shares the truth about how she became a single mom.
  • 25:15 Dwan shares why you can be a blessing to the stunned spouse.
  • 26:26 She explains the best practice to get the deed signed over to you.
  • 27:31 Dwan explains how you’ll get the deal in one day and flip it in 19 days by visiting her website with a deal especially for her podcast listeners.
  • 29:36 Dwan reiterates her point from last week that you have to plant your seed by investing in yourself through the flipping contracts program over the next 20 days.
  • 29:49 Your harvest will be $20,000 in 20 days in 2020.
  • 30:08 If you live in a small area, Dwan encourages you to go to the bail bondsman in the bigger city nearby.
  • 31:06 You are going to flip the property you purchased from the family in distress to a rehab-er or a landlord.
  • 31:18 Do not email the bail bondsman! Dwan says to go in person and let them see your face.
  • 31:53 Dwan shares how she’s walked a mile in your shoes by going to all the bail bondsmen in several counties and closed nearly 100 deals with bail bondsman.
  • 33:06 Dwan introduces her program to help you.
  • 33:36 Dwan encourages you to benefit from her experience of winging it and having to figure out the process on her own by letting her save you the time.
  • 34:53 Dwan says to share your testimonials and be sure to ask her questions in the chatbox.

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