15 Things You Don't Know About Me, Dwan Bent-Twyford, Steve Forbes

15 Things You Don’t Know About Me, But Want Too!


I have so many people that ask me really personal questions. Most of the time I answer and at other times I am taken back. I guess once you are in the public eye, people become curious about you. I admit, I read People Magazine because I am curious about many of the stars…who they date, how they work-out, why they can’t keep one single relationship together, what they looked like in high school…stuff like that.

I really do consider myself an open book and am happy to answer any questions you might have. I have compiled a list of 15 things that you probably don’t know about me and after reading this, may still not want to know. Hope you find this interesting:

1. I am deeply spiritual.

I have a very close and personal relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and am not the least bit embarrassed about it. In fact, I consider my business my ministry. I teach people how to make money, help homeowners, and share with people all the wonderful things God can do for them. If I plant the seed, God will grow it and do the rest. I work with the teens at my church and love them!

2. I am actually very shy.

I know that you wouldn’t think so. I can walk on a stage in front of 10,000 people and it doesn’t bother me one bit. Many of the seminar promoters have dinners at the end of the day. As a speaker I am required to attend most of these dinners. When I have to walk into the room and pick a table – it completely un-nerves me. In fact, it actually makes me sick to my stomach. I hate walking up to people and starting a conversation. I never know if the person is interested in talking to me, saw me speak and didn’t like me, wants to talk to me, wants me to sit at their table or what. So the next time you see me at one of these dinners, PLEASE come and talk to me first.


3. I got married when I was in my early 20’s on a drunken whim.

It lasted three months and took nine months to get out of. It was very embarrassing. In fact, I never tell anyone.

4. Yes, they are real.

I have looked like this since I was 18. At 18 I was completely horrified and by the time I was 21 I understood the power.

5. I am a very tender-hearted person.

I cry at everything – sad songs (especially country music), movies, I have even cried at sad TV commercials. I cry when I see sad stuff on the news – like the people in Haiti. I even cry at really good news. I used to consider it a weakness and as I got older, I began to realize that I am human and care deeply for other people. I feel their pain and I feel their happiness. I have loads of empathy.

6. I enjoyed my kids most when they were teenagers.

Most people dislike the teen years. They say teens are so difficult. I found just the opposite – I loved the fact that they were fun to travel with, we were beginning to be able to hang out more like adults, I didn’t have to do everything for them, and they were becoming mature so we could have real conversations. Those were my favorite years – I love the fact that they are all grown now – so much fun to be with. I was a two-sided teen. Sweet as sugar to adults (especially my parents) and sneaking out of my room to go to parties at night. I would have killed my kids for doing the things I did. My teen years made me a strict parent. I was an angel as far as all the adults knew – I learned how to butter people up way back then.


7. I used to teach ballroom dancing in my 20’s.

That is why I watch Dancing With the Stars faithfully. We are getting back into it and boy, am I rusty. I love the music, the classiness of the people, the romance of the dance, and the overall beauty of dancing with such grace. We have taken a few lessons and I had forgotten that there are so many dance snobs. When I get stuck with a “dance snob” I step on his foot on purpose.

8. When I was in the 5th grade I was the class president.

On my list of what I wanted to do when I grew up, I used to write: Dwan  – President of the United States. I wanted to be the first female president. I guess being president of my own company sufficed. I would not want anything to do with a government position now. Although – given 100% control and not having to report to anyone, I could fix everything in six months. We would drill here and stop buying oil from other countries. We would stop saving the entire world – let’s save American’s first. We don’t have to be the knight in shining armor for the world. We would put prayer back in school – screw the atheists. I would also get rid of every illegal alien in America and let 100% of them come back when they do three things – take a citizenship test and come in the right way – speaking our language and working “on the table” – not “under the table.” I realize I just made enemies, but, oh well…we need a government with a backbone.

9. My favorite show is The Walking Dead! I know that seems like a surprise.

I’m so emotionally involved with that show that if it ever goes off of the air, I will be lost! I’m Carol…BTW!


10. I love spending hours alone.

I can sit in a room with no music, no books, no outside distractions and just enjoy my thoughts and being with myself. My husband, Bill, has to have constant noise – radio, TV, movies – drives me nuts. I don’t understand why he can’t just enjoy being alone with his thoughts and he can’t understand how I can lay in the sun for hours and do nothing. I say that I am doing something – I’m being alone.

11. As I get older, I am becoming a neat freak.

I can’t stand one speck of dust in my house anywhere. I also can’t stand things out of order. If the cleaning lady moves stuff to dust, I have to put it right back. They know what a nut I am now and do a good job moving things back into exact position. I’m afraid I’ll be that weird cat lady with plastic bags on my furniture someday.

12. I used to be quite the Black Jack player.

Once in Atlantic City I won $6,000 in one sitting playing cards! It was my most exciting gambling experience. I got a free suite and food that night. Now I can’t stand the thought of wasting money like that and I rarely gamble.

13. I had melanoma 18 years ago.

It was a mole on my butt that went bad. I have a giant scar to show for it. I look at my scar not as disfiguring, but as a reminder that I survived and to remember to enjoy life. It changed my life and made me really appreciate every single second of my life. After that, I started helping others more and really got into teaching. I want to make a difference in as many lives as I can while I am still here to do it. So when you guys are looking at my butt, remember it doesn’t look as good as you might think. My girls look pretty good though.



14. I’m actually a Brunette.

This one surprised me too. I have been coloring my hair for so long that when I decided to go back to my God given color – I didn’t know what it was. I had to let my roots grow for two months and then get it dyed. I was stunned when I left the beauty shop.

15. I discovered what “frenemies” are.

People who appear to be your friend face-to-face and then stab you in the back at the first sign of trouble. We made some major business changes this past year and I saw the true color of 90% of the people in this industry – speakers and students alike. It actually threw me into a depression for a while and then I realized that my true friends are always there. I am fiercely loyal and have had most of my inner circle of friends for over 20 years each. I don’t let too many new people in because I never know who I can truly trust. I make friends easily and love people, but always keep a small distance, especially with other speakers. I have also become great friends with many of my students. I mean true friends – not just “what we can do for each other friends” – real friendships.

I feel very blessed and have reached almost every goal I have ever set. I am excited about life, in a good mood 99% of the time and thank God for everything and everyone in my life…every single day. God is #1 and everything else comes after that.

Hope I didn’t bore you to death. Just thought I’d open up a bit and give you a better feel for who I was, who I am now, and who I hope to become in the future. Remember, you are always growing. If you aren’t – you might as well be dead.