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Bill Twyford, the Real Estate Rock Star, is the special guest in this episode of Inside the Minds of Millionaires. For starters, Bill discusses complacency. Next, he shares about the different phases of his own career beginning from when he was ten years old through when he transitioned into real estate investing. Also, Bill and Dwan talk about having a risk factor in real estate investing. Furthermore, Bill shares his top tips in business. Lastly, Bill issues this week’s equity of life challenge.

In closing, Bill and Dwan share where you can find them and how to get your free gifts. They thank you for listening and ask you to take time to leave a five star review and share this podcast with others.

Listener Spotlight

Thank you to David Gainey for tuning in on Apple Podcasts for leaving the following review:
Happy, and Grateful
A really great podcast! Topics range from debt, investments, loans. I’ve learned a lot, and honestly I believe her when she says she cares about our situations. This is a great beginner podcast for people that don’t know that much about money.

Time Stamps:

:58 Dwan asks for a show of hands if you don’t feel like you’re making what you are worth.
1:09 Dwan shares her background.
1:29 Dwan introduces her husband, Bill Twyford, from Investor’s Edge University.
2:00 Dwan invites you to stick around until the end for five free gifts.
3:09 Dwan kicks of Drinks with Dwan to a toast of her live enzyme tea.
4:53 Dwan explains the purpose of the “Inside the Minds of Today’s Millionaires” segments.
7:00 Bill shares about himself as a “Real Estate Rock Star.”
9:23 Bill discusses complacency.
14:10 Dwan asks Bill to share inside the mind of him as a 10 year old.
19:15 Dwan talks about her childhood and how she made money as a child.
24:45 Dwan asks Bill about his mindset in high school.
35:45 Dwan and Bill liken his demeanor to a hurricane.
36:30 Bill shares about when he started his own business.
38:50 Dwan asks Bill where real estate investing fits into his story.
43:30 Bill shares when his career changed directions.
46:23 Bill shares how he made the transition of professions.
37:00 Dwan and Bill talk about the importance of having a risk factor in real estate investing.
56:00 Bill tells a story about competition early in his career.
57:14 Dwan asks Bill what his top tips are for being in business.
57:30 Bill shares his #1 tip is to prospect to find more deals and the rest of his tips (qualify leads, lead follow up and negotiate to closing).
1:03:42 Bill assigns this week’s equity of life challenge.
1:05:03 Bill encourages you to get comfortable talking to people that you don’t know, and get out of your comfort zone for the next week.
1:07:14 Bill shares that you can find him at investorsedgeuniversity.com and opt in for free gifts.
1:10:05 Dwan asks you to visit dwanderful.com and opt in for another five free gifts.
1:11:23 Dwan and Bill encourage you that they care more about your success than they may.
1:13:14 Bill shares some encouragement with Dwan.Connect with Dwan:



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