Real Estate Investing

10 Things You Can Do To Guarantee Real Estate Investing Success


Real Estate Investing can be the most amazing career if you do it right. I want to share 10 ways to guarantee success:

1. Stop trying to make a million dollars while you sleep.

There is no such program!

2. Start talking to homeowners, loss mitigation reps, and buyers.

These are NOT the items to automate.

3. Use resources that are available to you at little or no cost:

HUD, Craigslist, Ebay, social sites, local REIA’s, Facebook, and others. Make sure to build TWO buyers lists – one local and one national.

4. Stop getting sold into coaching that doesn’t work.

99% of speakers use a sales floor in Utah to upsell you and you fall for it. Get real! If the guru or the guru’s office does not personally coach you – it is a sales floor with trained sale people to sell you more stuff.


5. Pick someone to follow who has your same ethics, values, and love of the business.

6. When you decide who to follow in mentoring – do what they tell you! Otherwise – get out.

7. Learn scripts, objection handlers, and your presentation.

Stop practicing on homeowners and loss mitigation reps.

8. Make a schedule and stick to it – no matter what.

9. Have effective lead follow-up.

Most of you contact a distressed homeowner once and then never call back. This causes you to chase leads all the time. Follow-up on the leads you have now. You create too much work for yourself by not following up what you currently have.

10. Stop waiting to get this or get that to get started.

I need an LLC so I will start after that, I need one more bootcamp then I will start, I need a real estate agent and then I will start. Start NOW! The rest will fall into place.

You learn everything in life through MENTORS or MISTAKES.

Mentors are cheaper and you don’t live long enough to learn everything through mistakes.

Why not take my 25 years of real estate investing and let me cut your learning curve by 25 years! It really is a no brainer!