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Why a schedule will make or break you is what Bill shares in this episode of Investing on the Go. First, Bill emphasizes why a schedule is so important. Next, he explains defining and qualifying leads. Furthermore, Bill goes into detail about structuring your schedule around qualifying leads. Also, Bill highlights what will happen if you *don’t* set a schedule and shares a sample schedule. Lastly, Bill encourages you to even plan for things like naps and social media in your schedule.

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Time Stamps:

:52 Bill welcomes you to another episode of Investing on the Go.
1:03 Bill introduces today’s topic: why a schedule is so important.
2:20 Bill explains what he means by a schedule.
5:01 Bill explains how to define a lead.
5:20 Bill explains about qualifying leads.
6:25 Bill explains how to structure a schedule around following leads.
8:11 Bill asks, “What are you doing with your 24 hours?”
9:20 Bill emphasizes what will happen if you don’t set a schedule.
10:20 Bill talks about the best time of day to make phone calls.
10:42 Bill shares a sample schedule.
12:33 Bill emphasizes that you should be doing the stuff that makes the most money and get other people to do the other stuff.
13:06 Bill emphasizes the importance of getting out and talking to people.
14:28 Bill encourages you to do social media later in the day so you don’t get distracted.
17:54 Bill explains how to make lead follow ups an appointment in your schedule.
18:24 Bill emphasizes that you would be stunned at how much time you waste.
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