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Level one loss mitigation script is what Dwan covers in this episode of the Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever. First, Dwan explains how the loss mitigation department at the bank works. Next, she shares exactly who to contact and what to say to them. Furthermore, she explains the importance of building a relationship with the people who help you with your short sales in order to help future short sales go smoothly. Also, Dwan explains how to proceed if you receive a loss mitigator who is not cooperative. Lastly, she explains the difference between the levels of loss mitigators and reminds you that an investor’s loyalty is to the homeowner in distress, not the bank.

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Listener Spotlight:

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Very Unique
As a new investor trying to soak up any perspective, tips, and routes to lead to a successful career in investing, this is the place to be. I love your advice, unique ideas. Thanks!


Time Stamps:

1:06 Dwan asks how many people feel like they don’t get the paycheck they deserve.
1:43 Dwan invites you to opt in at Dwanderful.com so you won’t miss her ten podcasts per month.
1:57 Dwan shares her story of formerly being a broke, single mom who was fired from Denny’s.
2:33 Dwan kicks off Drinks with Dwan with a toast to cinnamon tea.
4:30 Dwan highlights the short sale tsunami that is coming.
5:03 Dwan recommends that one of the first things you do is contact the loss mitigation department at the bank.
5:57 Dwan encourages you to look for the work out person and tell them you have a short sale package.
7:00 Dwan encourages you to get the name and number of your contact in the right department so you can build a relationship with that person which will make your deals a lot easier.
7:42 Dwan shares what you need to say when you reach the person that can help you.
8:36 Dwan shares what to call back and say once the representative receives your short sale package.
9:28 Dwan highlights the biggest mistake investors make with short sales: you must pin down the loss mitigation rep when they will be talking to their bosses, the asset manager, next.
9:50 Dwan explains level one, level two and level three mitigators and the importance of working yourself up the chain into relationship with one of them, because you can present your packages to them since they are the boss.
11:10 Dwan shares a personal story of an experience Bill had with a homeowner in distress.
15:33 Dwan reiterates that our goal is to find win, win, win situations. If the distressed homeowner’s goal is to stay in their house, we want to help them do that.
19:47 Dwan emphasizes the power of making connections when doing short sales.
20:57 Dwan shares what to do when you reach a loss mitigation agent that is not cooperative: call customer service.
26:52 Dwan explains what happens if the loan gets moved to the bankruptcy department.
28:03 Dwan explains what a level one mitigator can do.
28:40 Dwan emphasizes that your loyalty is with the homeowner, not the bank.
29:43 Dwan assures you to start with customer service or google and go over people’s heads if you need to.
30:19 Dwan invites you to find her at Dwanderful.com, opt in for free gifts and download the Mighty Network app to become part of her community and receive great resources.
31:17 Dwan encourages you to describe from wherever you are listening so you can be sure to hear all ten of her shows each month.
31:57 Dwan asks you to leave a five star review to be featured in her listener spotlight.
32:33 Dwan issues this week’s equity of life challenge: Get in touch with someone you haven’t spoken with in a really long time.
36:19 Dwan invites you to join Team Dwanderful on Facebook.

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