#133 – Top 18 Short Sale Super Star Tips

Top 18 Short Sale Super Star Tips

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Want to Listen? Listen Here…” margin_design_tab_text=””] https://chtbl.com/track/DB92F6/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/dwanderful/133_-_Top_18_Short_Sale_Super_Star_Tips_December_22nd_2020.mp3 [/ultimate_heading] Top 18 short sale superstar tips are available in this mashup of Dwan’s past short sale training. In fact, you’ll learn […]

#100 How to Handle a Fearful Homeowner

How to Handle A Fearful Homeowner

How to handle a fearful homeowner is a valuable technique that Bill shares in this episode. In fact, he shares everything you need to know about the modes that homeowners […]