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Top 18 short sale superstar tips are available in this mashup of Dwan’s past short sale training. In fact, you’ll learn everything you need to know from the queen of short sales herself. First, Dwan explains a release you will need which is available on her website at Dwanderful.com. Next, she answers some commonly asked questions. Also, she tells you everything you need to know about building a really good case in your short sale package so that the bank will agree to a short sale. Furthermore, Dwan explains what a short sale is, the #1 reason they fail and to whom you should sell.

In closing, Dwan thanks you for listening and encourages you to have fun. She hopes you enjoy it as much as she does!

Time Stamps:

:57 Dwan shares that it’s so important to understand that a short sale is not an exit strategy.
1:18 Dwan recommends that if this is your first sale, opt for the short sale option.
1:53 Dwan introduces herself, the queen of short sales.
2:19 Dwan explains one of the first things you will need for a short sale is an authorization for the release of information and offers a free one at dwanderful.com.
2:32 Dwan shares how she became the queen of short sales.
3:29 Dwan answers the commonly asked question about what stops the bank from selling the property to another investor.
3:57 Dwan reminds you that you have a contract with the homeowner, not the bank.
4:37 Dwan highlights the importance of building a really good case in your short sale package and shares the things that need to be shown.
5:26 Dwan explains how to show that the homeowner is in legitimate distress.
6:24 Dwan shares the #1 reason that short sales don’t get accepted.
7:08 Dwan encourages you that once you get short sales down, your finances will explode.
7:37 Dwan explains what to do the minute the bank agrees to your short sale: put it in writing! And ask to close in 30-45 days.
8:19 Dwan shares why you need to take advantage of her calls, podcasts and training on short sales.
9:10 Dwan explains the importance of the authorization for the release of information.
10:09 If you are interested in trying short sales, Dwan shares where to start.
11:03 Dwan shares what a short sale is.
11:48 Dwan explains to whom you should sell.
12:43 Dwan explains the packet you are going to present to the bank.

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