Welcome to The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever and welcome to 2019! During this first episode of the new year, Dwan opens up about her personal plans and the plan that God has given her for the Podcast, and she is glad to have you along for the ride.

On this episode, listeners will hear from Dwan’s heart and see how her faith impacts her personally and professionally, from her personal appearance to the rhythms and seasons of her work life, and the seasons that she will teach through during this Podcast.

She will talk about what motivated her to give away all of her suits despite continuing to build her professional career and the decision that she and her husband have made financially that has allowed them to reach people in need whom they have never even met. She gets into the importance of having a good heart but knowing that being recognized by others for your generosity is not the ultimate goal.

We hope you will join us on Dwanderful.com for tomorrow’s episode!

In 2019, the Dwanderful.com website is going to be consistently posting new content: Mondays will be a Blog Post and an occasional Bible Study video, Tuesdays will be a new Podcast Video, Wednesdays will be Dwan’s LIVE Coaching Call for members, Thursdays will be Dwandonaires in the Making videos, and Fridays will be Foreclosure Beat News.

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