Most people eager to sell their home want to do so as is, with as little effort involved as possible. However, if you are in any way handy with home repairs, or have a family member or good local handyman, making repairs could mean the difference between your house selling right away or staying on the market for months, and between a high sale price and a low one.

Making repairs might also be a legal requirement before the sale of the house goes through. The mortgage lender will want to make sure the house is a valuable property with as few problems as possible.

Here are a few of the main areas to fix up so you can cash in.


The exterior, garden, driveway and garage will all be the first things people see when they come to view your home. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Paint the exterior a neutral, clean color like white. Freshen up fascia boards and soffits. Clean out all the guttering. Replace any broken roof tiles. Get someone in to give the garden the professional touch.

The driveway should look clean and well-kept, not covered in oil. The garage should not be crammed to the rafters. In fact, you should be able to fit your car in it. If you are struggling with stuff, de-clutter, donate to charity, or stick things in storage.


Attend to these areas and you will find your house easier to sell.