What if we lived in a word where no used the “N” word, were no one called people fags, where no one called anyone names? What would a world like that look like? I believe it would be amazing. So how do we do that?

If we took the N word out of every persons vocabulary in the entire WORLD we would still have some sort of racism.

Christians against Muslims, blacks against whites, gays against straight…there is no possible way to end racism or for everyone to agree on everything – IT ISN’T POSSIBLE!

I do know one thing – babies are NOT born racist.

Watch those nature shows where a lion and a goat are raised together and they are best friends and play like best friends. Yet, in the wild the lion would eat the goat because its mother would TEACH it to. You can raise a chicken, a lion, a dog, and a rabbit together and they will never attack one other because they think they are siblings – just watch some of the youtube videos. It’s amazing!

The ONLY chance we have is for PARENTS to stop teaching their children these things as they grow up. I was taught to be racist. My family is from the south and I heard the N word all of my life and used it often myself.

As a  child I walked up to a VERY large black man and said, “You are the biggest N***** I’ve ever seen.” I grew up in a small town with no black families so I had very little exposure to black people and this man was a  giant and I spoke up…I only knew what I was taught at home.


At 19 I moved to Florida and my eyes were opened. I waited tables  and people from all walks of life came to my tables. I will admit that when I waited on my first few tables of all black people I was a little scared because of what I had been taught.

It only took a few weeks in Florida for me to start to see that people are amazing, different, spoke so many languages, and were so nice to me!  Where was all this racist stuff I had been taught. So I “un-racist” myself and then started working on my own family.

Many people in my family have changed their ways over the years and many are still deep-seeded in their southern ways. I cringe at family re-unions…lol.

I made sure to start a NEW branch in my family tree and raised my children not to see color. When Ayla was in Kindergarten, she and a small group of girls formed a “girls club” – one girl was black, one Korean, one Hispanic, one was White (she is now gay and married), and one who is Chinese. These girls knew no boundaries…why is that?  Because their parents didn’t teach them to see color either.

I am proud to say that at 29 Ayla is still friends with these girls and it makes me so proud to have a child who truly doesn’t see color. Only the goodness in people.

I think one of the reasons I get so fired up over racial issues is because I know how I was raised and I know how I raised my kids and no matter what anyone thinks, when stuff happens my first thought is: WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?



Someone has to take the first stand in every family.