#135 – 12 Quickest Ways to Find Foreclosures

12 Quickest Ways to Find Foreclosures

[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Want to Listen? Listen Here…” margin_design_tab_text=””] https://chtbl.com/track/DB92F6/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/dwanderful/135_-_12_Quickest_Ways_to_Find_Foreclosures_December_29th_2020.mp3 [/ultimate_heading] 12 quickest ways to find foreclosures are the golden nuggets Dwan shares in this episode of Dwanderful. First, she shares the #1 most successful way she reaches people. Second, she shares the best place to access information so that you know who to contact. Third, she […]

#46 – Evictions

The topic of tomorrow’s episode of the podcast is evictions. No one likes to evict someone else, but Dwan will teach listeners about her method that is a lot less hostile and passive-aggressive. You will be surprised how effective her method can be and hopefully it will help the process seem less intimidating when you [...]