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12 quickest ways to find foreclosures are the golden nuggets Dwan shares in this episode of Dwanderful. First, she shares the #1 most successful way she reaches people. Second, she shares the best place to access information so that you know who to contact. Third, she shares some intriguing statistics regarding divorce and bankruptcy and how that applies to you finding foreclosures. Also, she explains evictions, the power of sending postcards, the importance of scripts and even probate.

In closing, Dwan thanks you for listening and encourages you to have fun. She would appreciate it if you would take time to leave a five star review and share this podcast with someone it could help.

Time Stamps:

1:06 Dwan introduces today’s topic: how to find buyers or people in distress that want to sell their properties.
1:18 Dwan shares her #1 way to reach people in distress: put out bandit signs.
2:03 Dwan shares a site to get a discount on a bandit sign: banditsigns.com/twyford.
4:32 Dwan shares what information is accessible at the courthouse.
5:19 Dwan shares some important statistics to keep in mind about distressed homeowners and divorce.
6:12 Dwan shares bankruptcy statistics.
7:02 Dwan explains how foreclosure notices work.
7:48 Dwan explains the difference between pre-foreclosure and actual foreclosure.
8:42 Dwan shares about landlords who have just completed evictions.
9:18 Dwan encourages you not to underestimate the power of postcards.
10:00 Dwan explains that once you’ve contacted the above people, you will need to learn scripts so you know how to respond to questions without stumbling.
10:30 Dwan touches on working with people in probate.

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