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It is August and the mortgage moratorium has been lifted. What’s happening right now? Here’s what’s happening. Millions of people, like tens of millions of people, they didn’t make a mortgage payment. Instead of making those payments, they got spendy, or they saved. Here we are 17 months later after the start of COVID restrictions and now those mortgage moratoriums that got put into place has been lifted.

Many people are 17 months or so behind on their mortgages. Because of this, the banks have begun to send out millions of mass mortgage modifications.

What are Mortgage Modifications?

Essentially what the banks are sending out are saying “Hey, make this next month’s payment and we will stick the rest on the back of your loan.” Banks don’t want to deal with mass foreclosures! If they don’t offer some sort of option though, that’s exactly what is going to happen. People don’t have the money sitting around to just make all those back payments. You can tell for certain on trash day that when stimulus days came around people weren’t making back payments! The boxes of big screen tvs, gaming systems, and furniture lined the streets!

Now, we aren’t saying folks didn’t deserve these things! These are the types of things that are expensive to replace. If it is a household that is scraping by, this may have been just the bolster they needed to do some much needed upgrading. They probably thought, “Well, I don’t NEED to make a mortgage payment right now, I can replace some things and I’ll figure out the rest later.” Well, guess what?

Later is Here

This right here is why now is the time to be a real estate investor. My personal bandit signs have been bringing in SO many calls it is getting hard to keep up. I have several appointments this week alone to meet with homeowners up in the mountains of Colorado. We are talking in the boondocks! Can you imagine the more populated areas? Why are they calling us now?

Loan Modification

Many of the calls we are receiving are from homeowners who didn’t get any payments, who don’t qualify for the loan modification or forbearance, and they are looking to just walk away. Now is the time to be an investor! Do you know how to wholesale? Can you flip a house? What about arranging a “subject-to”? Could you turn it into a rental? If you got a call like the ones we have been getting, do you feel confident that you could handle it? I know i have sounded like a broken record in the past on my podcast. But I never pitch sales and products to you guys. I ask you to buy products. Instead I give you an abundance on knowledge right there and then! So today is the day.

Invest in Yourself!

Today I am going to encourage you and ask you to go to 123foreclosure.com/join. I have my entire wholesale flipping, flipping contracts, and flipping houses program on there and it is available for $12.97. Still too much? You can make two payments of $6.99. My favorite of these programs is $30,000 in 30 days. Now if you live in an area where houses are only costing $60 or $70,000 you probably aren’t going to make that $30,000. But if you can get yourself to a neighborhood where the homes are selling for $200,000 and up, you will make it in no time!

If you have never invested in yourself, now is the time. Invest in this program and use it to invest in yourself and your future! If you still feel like you can’t spend the $6.99 on yourself go on over to dwanderful.com and opt in using the popup.

A “Five-Star” Review

Not sure if checking out my podcast is worth your time? Let my 900+ “5-Star” reviews make that decision for you! Caroline Sanders had this to say about our “Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever”:

“Great investing podcast. Love your insight into investing. Excellent people to interview. Keep up the good work!”

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Thank you all so much! And remember, the truth is in the red letters.