If you prefer a home that is unique and has character, you probably are giving some thought to buying an older home. Before buying, it’s a good idea to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of owning the home. In this article, we cover the positive benefits of owning an older home.

The Pros of An Old Home

There certainly are more than a few positives to buying an older home. Everything is real. There’s no fake anything. Bricks are brick. Wood is wood. Slate is slate. Fireplace mantles, chair rail, crown molding, and baseboards are not dinky little things; they’re beautifully proportioned. The floors are rich, wide, heart of pine planks.

There’s a rich feeling of history and being connected to our country’s past that permeates through the neighborhoods of older houses.

Good Investments

Old houses can also be a very good investment. First, there is a limited supply of them. With the popularity of historic societies and the preservation movement, people have become more appreciative of them. Precisely because of the center city locations of many of them, they are often in what have become highly desirable locations. Many old cities have old house neighborhoods in terrific locations. Boston, Richmond, Savannah, and Charleston come to mind.

I know someone who paid $35,000 for their house in 1972. Within the last year, two houses within a block of them have sold for more than a million dollars. Now that is a great investment!

That about sums it up. Beauty. A sense of it being “real.” Feeling connected to the past. And a darned good investment to boot. Yup. We’ve spent some blood, sweat, and tears. Real money, too. But I’d do it over again in a heart beat.

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