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Potential Hidden Costs When Hiring A Mover

Hired As Mover

The impending move is getting closer, but that’s ok, you’re on top of everything. You’ve done your due diligence, researched various movers, received three estimates, and have a good idea of your final moving costs. Now it’s time to build all those extra costs into your budget. If you are hiring a mover, there are some hidden costs that you should watch out for.

Sticker Shock

You will be shocked when you start building up your inventory of boxes and packing supplies. This is big business and companies are making a lot of money selling this stuff. Try to re-use whenever possible. I found our local liquor store and grocery store to be most helpful when I moved. Actual moving companies sell re-used boxes and packing materials at a discount as well. Start collecting early to build up your supply.

Things to Consider

  • Inquire as to the cost of purchasing last minute boxes in case you run out on moving day. It’s quite costly to purchase these new directly from the moving company.
  • Providing lunch and beverages for the movers is a gesture that is extremely appreciated. It also ensures they aren’t running off to get lunch elsewhere. You don’t want any moving time lost! How about planning on a morning snack and pizza later on, with the occasional coffee run?
  • You may consider tipping your movers. It’s totally optional, some do, and some don’t.
  • If the movers are paid hourly, they may not have estimated enough time for the job. Every extra hour gets added to your bill.
  • Replacing damaged goods during packing or delivery can add to your budget. If you’ve purchased added insurance, the guidelines for making a claim are stringent. Make sure you read the fine print. Generally your standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover contents while they’re in transit.
  • Certain larger items may require special handling such as a piano, artwork, a billiard table or a vehicle, which translates into more dollars.
  • How are you getting to your final destination? Don’t forget to include your own traveling costs, hotel, meals, and transportation.
  • If you are shipping your vehicle to the new home, those costs should be added in as well.
  • Generally movers do a pretty good job of estimating the final weight of a shipment. However, it’s never exact and rarely do they estimate lower than the final tally. Be prepared to owe more than planned for the final cost per pound.
  • Will you be requiring storage for your contents? Make certain you understand not only the cost of storage, but the cancellation and late fees that may also apply.

Is the Move Job Related?

One ray of sunshine that may be available to you, if your move is job related and a specified distance closer to your new job, the expenses could result in a tidy deduction. Research your tax laws and see if this applies to you.

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