The impending move is getting closer, but that’s ok, you’re on top of everything. You’ve done your due diligence, researched various movers, received three estimates, and have a good idea of your final moving costs. Now it’s time to build all those extra costs into your budget. If you are hiring a mover, there are some hidden costs that you should watch out for.

Sticker Shock

You will be shocked when you start building up your inventory of boxes and packing supplies. This is big business and companies are making a lot of money selling this stuff. Try to re-use whenever possible. I found our local liquor store and grocery store to be most helpful when I moved. Actual moving companies sell re-used boxes and packing materials at a discount as well. Start collecting early to build up your supply.

Things to Consider

Is the Move Job Related?

One ray of sunshine that may be available to you, if your move is job related and a specified distance closer to your new job, the expenses could result in a tidy deduction. Research your tax laws and see if this applies to you.

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