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So many of you want to become successful business owners.

For me, real estate investing was the ticket.

Whatever you want to do, you will have to step out on a limb to make it happen. Here are some great tips for helping you get out of your box and take a step towards a new, successful you!

What do I mean by getting out of your box? It’s simple, folks, if you always do what you’ve always done; you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. In other words, it’s time to change the way you think so you can get different results.

I want you to pay attention to the way you do things for the next few days. When you get out of the shower, I’ll bet you dry-off the same way every day. You start with the same place on your body and work your way around the same way.

For you guys, I’ll bet you shave the same side of your face first. Girls, you shave your legs and blow-dry your hair the same way each time. We all do.

Once this was brought to my attention, I realized I did do things the same way all the time. We’re going to work on changing your daily routine. It will take some effort on your part, but it will be well worth it. I want you to begin with baby steps and work your way up.

Let’s start by changing your morning routine.

 Shave a different way.
 Wear a new color of lipstick (optional for men).
 Get dressed differently.
 Wear a bright shirt.
 Try a new hairstyle (hard to do for those of you still wearing 80’s hair).
 Buy a tie that is out of character.
 Eat something different for breakfast.
 Drive to work using an alternate route.
 Buy your morning coffee some place new.
 Get gas at a different station.
 Listen to motivational radio today.
 Change your lunch habits.

 If you work in a situation with coworkers, sit with someone new today at lunch. You aren’t in high school anymore so it is okay to sit at a different table.
 Make a new friend.

Let’s break up your evening routine:

 Start attending REIA meetings.
 Talk to people in the elevator. (“Talk to people in the elevator? No way! You can’t expect me to do that. Everyone knows you just stand there in silence.”) Folks, it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone. How do you expect to talk to homeowners in distress if you can’t talk to someone in an elevator for 30 seconds?
 Make conversation with total strangers.
 Ask folks how their day is going.
 Open the door for others. (Girls, this means you, too.)
 Pay for a bottle of soda for the person in line behind you.
 Pay the toll on the freeway for the car behind you.
 Carry groceries to the car for an older person. (But Dwan, I hate to carry my own groceries.)
 Start by doing random acts of kindness.
You’ll be surprised how much more fun life will be. I am always looking for a new victim to be nice to. People just stare and say thanks. They walk away shaking their heads wondering what just happened.

Let’s look at your drive-time routine:

 When in your car, change what you listen to on the radio. Your car should be a university on wheels.

This one was a challenge for me. I like to listen to very loud music in the car. When I realized how much time I spend in my car, I realized I could change my life just by changing what I listen to.

I listen to Spanish tapes, motivational CD’s, Christian music, talk shows and more. I have expanded my horizons dramatically by changing my listening habits.

You should listen to nothing else but the CD’s that come with my programs until you understand REAL ESTATE INVESTING and have it down pat.

Once you understand investing and have done it successfully, then learn another aspect of real estate investing. Listen to my rental CD’s. Wholesaling is a great way to make money, but you also have to consider long-term wealth. The best way to accumulate long-term wealth is to keep rentals. Start thinking about your future now.

“Your car should be a university on wheels.”

Let’s examine your weekend routine? How many of you slouch around all weekend wearing baggy clothes, don’t shave or wear makeup, eat junk food, watch TV all day, and basically waste the weekend away? Come on… be honest. You know you do. Do something different this weekend. Go to a movie, go rollerblading, take an art class, take dance lessons, read a book, call a friend you lost touch with, or anything that would be different.

You might be one of those people who can’t relax and run around all weekend like a crazy person. You need to get a massage, sleep in, read the entire paper, or whatever is different for you.

“Do something different this weekend.”

When I teach classes, I notice that folks will sit in the same seats each day. In my two-day class, I make everyone move every day. You should hear the moaning and groaning the second day when I make everyone change seats. In just one day, people are in their “comfort zone.” They have laid claim to their “seat” and it’s theirs for the weekend. Come on folks … it’s time to move the boundaries of your comfort zone. By the second day, people just move automatically. The fear of sitting next to someone new and having to talk is gone.

Folks, what can you do to get out of your box? I want you to think for a few minutes and pick the top five things you can change about yourself starting today. Write them down and keep track. Once you have changed these five things, pick five more and so on. Soon, you won’t have a box to get out of.

You’ll be more open to new opportunities, make friends everywhere you go, and you’ll enjoy life even more than you do today.

Five things I can do to get out of my box:

1. _________________________________________
2. _________________________________________
3. _________________________________________
4. _________________________________________
5. _________________________________________

Place this list where you will read it every day. Again, these are not goals, but simply ways to get your mind working in a different direction. We are going to discuss goals soon. This is where you will really need to put on your thinking cap. Goals are important. You cannot reach financial freedom without them.