Family bonding in a cozy neighborhood at Atlanta


Situated in Atlanta, home to the famous Coca Cola Company is where Candler Park is. It is spread across 55-acres of lush greenery and has beautifully landscaped garden making it one of the central attractions of this township. Candler Park Real estate owes its name to Asa Candler, the man who donated the land to this city. This park offers tennis court, basketball court, and even an outdoor pool for people to spend their leisure time and rejoice in. And the one other unique feature in the park is its 9-hole golf course, which winds its scenic way through the East side’s pleasant residential neighborhoods. Even though this park is not the quietest place, it is still the most preferred. The entire family can spend time and do something they like.

Chandler Park Real Estate

A place that will make you realize the true value of bonding and family values is what makes Candler Park Real estate so special. People here live in complete harmony and are close knit, the community society meets often and makes sure the lives of the residents in the town are protected and the surroundings preserved.

Candler Park Real Estate is the name adopted by the area surrounding the park. It is filled with houses that have small and large sized families. This makes it an ideal location to put down ones roots for it is just 5-minutes from Downtown Atlanta, and is home to many talented artists, some of the most popular shops, bars and everything eclectic. It is a family friendly neighborhood that focuses entirely on livability and maintaining the community togetherness. In fact the Candler Park Real Estate has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This includes portions of Lake Claire, which borders the town.

The Neighborhood

The homes in this neighborhood are filled with the right mix of historical significance and modernity. Built based on individual specifications, these homes are a haven fitted with all the latest amenities and comforts. Some of the other houses in Candler Park Real Estate have tailor made front porches that look out onto the quiet streets. Some may even look to the lake, giving it a serene feel. This makes it a perfect location to relax and enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

The Candler park community celebrates The Candler park Fall Festival every year around October. There are over hundred vendors. Some of the local musicians make an appearance and they have road race for the residents. You can also find some games and entertainment for the children. This festival also includes a tour of the beautiful homes in this area. It is a great way to celebrate life and get together as one big family.

While in this town, one would find life much easier as the MARTA station is just a short walk away. This makes all the stores and restaurants are easily accessible. A perfect home for newly wed couples and families with children is what Candler Park Real estate is.