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Dwan Wants to Teach You How to be Successful and Gain Wealth in 2019

Tomorrow’s episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever is the most strategic and
significant to date, as Dwan describes the main topics for this year’s episodes.
Dwan has been very intentional about organizing the Podcast into seasons and choosing the big four topics that she wants you to master on your way to becoming a Dwandonaire!
Dwan will be sharing from her personal experiences in flipping homes, short sales, rentals, and being a rehabber throughout the course of this year, and you will have a front-row seat to hear what has worked and hasn’t worked for her.

On tomorrow’s episode, you will even hear about Dwan’s surprising first property and some of her specific plans for her “new at 60” look which will be unveiled in February.

Dwan wants to teach you how to be successful, gain wealth, and close deals this year,
and she has provided many resources to that end on Dwanderful.com.
Be sure to check out the website and stay up-to-date on new programs and content being created!