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They’re mean. They’re green. And they’re going to help you buy your next house. There are a growing number of realtors who are taking green home buying to the next step. The unique part? They are using bicycles to show their clients potential places to hang their helmets!

What to Look for?

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly home resources, a cycling enthusiast, or even just someone who is dreading a day in a hot car, driving from house to house, a cycling realtor may be right for you. This group of realtors are not only using an eco-friendly way of connecting you to the right house, they are also aware of the issues facing the environmentally sensitive home buyer. Casually cycling from home to home can be  a lot more relaxing than a tense time in the car. It’s healthier for you, too.

In a search for bicycle realtors, you may find that most of them aren’t just into cycling for the health benefits. They are concerned about their community’s environment. They may use a car in bad weather. Overall, though, they believe that using a bicycle when possible is the ethical choice for today’s realtors. Along the way, you’ll find that a realtor who bicycles as part of his job is also cognizant of the environmental impact of real estate on the earth. For the person looking to buy a house that is energy-efficient, a realtor who believes in bicycles is a good one to consider.

The Enthusiasts

For cycling enthusiasts who have to find a home, the bicycling realtor would be the obvious choice. After all, this person will know what to look for when you say you want safe storage for your $3000 touring bike. They’ll understand when you say that you need a decent workshop with easy-in access. And they’ll make sure that you are alerted to available houses situated near cycling trails and designated bicycle routes in the city.

For those who are not die-hard cyclists, the bicycle realtor may still be a good choice. You would be surprised at how much less stressful a house-hunt is if you spend a good part of the day leisurely cycling. Even if you’re determined to use the car to get around, that’s okay. Just don’t be too surprised if your realtor gets there before you on two wheels!

Learn More

Finding out more: Chris Chopik, the pedaling force behind BicycleRealtor.com is one force behind this campaign, being a both car-free realtor and an environmental activist. The website BicycleRealtor.com is currently taking registrations from realtors who want to market themselves as BicycleRealtors. It is the goal of the website to become a resource for those who are interested in this new breed of real estate agent.

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