Avoid Foreclosure: An Option That Many Do Not Know About

Military Couple in Front of House and Foreclosure For Sale Real Estate Sign.

Are you looking down the barrel of a foreclosure? If you are, you are among one of the over 1.4 million homeowners facing this same issue. Did you know that there may be a creative technique to save your home and avoid foreclosure? Save your home and salvage your equity so that you can fight again. The last thing that you want to do is give your home back to the lender.

If your financial hardship has left you in a position where you are not able to pay your mortgage payment, whatever the reason may be, then you cannot afford to live in your home. Foreclosures are a growing dilemma for many homeowners in the Untied States today and the continue to be at an all time high. Alan Greenspan has made comments that the US may be heading for another recession!

Some lenders out there have not been playing fair. Some even to the point of unethical practices. These unethical practices are a primary reason that foreclosures are at an all time high and not expected to slow down, according to experts.

The Future can be Bright Again

On the bright side of things, you may have an option other than foreclosure that may allow you to keep your home, even if the foreclosure process is already under way. This is due to something that has been around for many years, and you may possibly utilize to save your home and equity. You may need to wait a year or two in order to cash out the equity on the property, but it is better then the alternative.

What is the saving option?

This option is referred to as a Lease Purchase Agreement. How does it work?  Find a tenant to lease your home from you, with an option to purchase the home at the end to the agreed period or time; usually 12 to 24 months. You set a price for them to buy the house when the agreement is signed. This will allow you to set the price so you can save the equity and by some time to recover. With a tenant that has the option to buy your home you may be able to:

1) First and foremost is the avoid a foreclosure

2) Since renters are paying less today due to the high foreclosure rates, this may be a way to increase the monthly rent, due in light of the purchase agreement

3) A one-time payment, up-front as a non-refundable deposit, this is usually 1% – 3% of the sales price. The best part of this is that even if they decide not to buy your home, you still keep the money

4) Quickly locate a buyer for your property, most times faster then trying to sell you home in the traditional manner

5) Someone else will be paying the mortgage payment, and potentially a few hundred dollars a month more

Which Markets?

Lease Purchase Agreements usually work well in any real estate market. These agreements referred to as a “lease option” as well. This is a very valuable strategy to keep in mind, especially during market that in a distress.

While there may be many other reasons to take advantage of a lease option, they are defiantly an excellent way to avoid foreclosure and salvage your home from the bank. In a foreclosure, your credit will be destroyed for years to come. The additional financial repercussions can take a tole on your personal life.