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Principal reduction modifications- what are they and why does Dwan think they will be making a comeback? You don’t want to miss everything you need to know about their history including details like property value, mortgage terms and more. Also, Dwan highlights what you should be focusing on right now and issues a weekly challenge.

Dwan asks you to opt in to her website to get her two new, free ebooks. She also invites you to subscribe to her podcast, leave a five star review and please share on social media.  Thank you for listening. Remember, the truth is in the red letters!

Time Stamps:

  • 1:02 Dwan shares her motto.
  • 4:52 Dwan shares about paddleboarding.
  • 6:13  Dwan cheers to raspberry bone and joint.
  • 9:01 Dwan invites you to listen to Bill’s Saturday podcast.
  • 10:51 Dwan introduces the topic, principal reduction modification.
  • 11:16 Dwan shares what the the Fed Up package includes.
  • 15:06 Dwan shares how the banks are handling mortgage payments right now.
  • 17:21 Dwan shares how interest works on house payments and encourages getting 10-15 year loan vs 30.
  • 20:22 Dwan shares that the hedgefund is basing loans off property value 90 days ago and reducing by 20%.
  • 23:51 Dwan shares the hedgefunds’ data and predictions.
  • 26:11 Dwan encourages you to focus on “subject tos” where you get the deed and they walk away.
  • 28:05 Dwan makes predictions about rent prices going down.
  • 31:51 Dwan encourages you to do the right thing and the money will come.
  • 32:06 Dwan encourages you to wear a mask.
  • 33:16 Dwan issues this week’s financial equity of life podcast.
  • 36:14 Dwan asks you to leave a 5 star review.
  • 36:51 Dwans asks you to opt into her website and you get two free ebooks.

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