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How NOT to lose your deal is Dwan’s focus in this episode of The Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever. First, Dwan explains that when you are making a deal, you will typically plan to wholesale the house. Next, she emphasizes the importance of communicating with the homeowners and understanding the homeowner’s mindset. Ultimately, Dwan emphasizes the importance of people taking responsibility. Then, Dwan shares the clauses that she always includes in her deals to help ensure that the homeowners will not back out. Lastly, Dwan invites you to take advantage of her short sale program at 123foreclosures.com/join and opt in at dwanderful.com to receive four free ebooks.
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Listener Spotlight:

A special thank you to Tami Martin for listening via iTunes and sharing the following five star review:
Great resource!
Great show! I have been learning about investing for a while and this podcast has exponentially increased my knowledge. One of the best investing podcasts around in my opinion.


Time Stamps:

:57 Dwan welcomes you to The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever.
2:20 Dwan introduces herself.
2:29 Dwan asks for a show of hands of those who don’t make as much money as they think they should.
3:34 Dwan encourages you not to reinvent the wheel but follow someone with a moral compass.
3:56 Dwan shares her motto: people before profits.
4:25 Dwan invites you to opt in at dwanderful.com for lots of great resources.
4:51 Dwan kicks off Drinks with Dwan with a toast to hot tea.
6:17 Dwan features a listener review from Brandon and encourages you to listen for the chance to be featured.
7:33 Dwan introduces today’s topic: how *not* to lose your deal.
9:05 Dwan highlights that straight out of the gate, you typically will plan to wholesale the house.
10:53 Dwan emphasizes that a distressed homeowner would rather get money from you than to continue living under the stress they are going through.
12:17 Dwan encourages you to always keep your homeowners informed.
15:52 Dwan highlights the lack of people taking personal responsibility yet the tendency to blame someone else–especially the bank.
17:57 Dwan asks that if you can learn anything from her, learn to take personal responsibility.
18:55 Dwan invites you to her short sale program at 123foreclosures.com/join.
19:19 Dwan shares some of the special clauses that she uses in her deals to ensure the homeowner will not bail.
28:48 Dwan shares the rule she sets that the house must be closed at her title company.
30:39 Dwan shares the life equity of this week: spiritual.
31:35 Dwan invites you to dwanderful.com to get your four free ebooks.
31:39 Dwan encourages you to leave a five star review for the chance to be featured.

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