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How the homeowners can help you sell the house and everything else you need to know is in this episode with Dwan Bent Twyford. First, Dawn shares some updates from her and her husband, Bill Twyford, of Investor’s Edge University. Next, Dwan explains why you should be cautious of unethical investors. Then, Dawn explains how to work with the homeowner in distress for the open house, house showings and more. Furthermore, Dwan highlights what you can expect from a homeowner. In fact, following her tips should prevent you from a mishap with unexpected investors (aka scumbags). In closing, Dwan underscores the importance of full transparency and warns that if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.
Lastly, don’t forget to visit Dwanderful.com for four free ebooks, and don’t forget to leave a five star review for the chance to be featured by Dwan on the next podcast. Thank you for listening, and remember that the truth is in the red letters.

Time Stamps:

:51 Dwan welcomes you to another episode of The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever.
1:14 Dwan shares the schedule of her podcast episodes.
2:26 Dwan gives an update on Investing on the Go.
2:55 Dwan shares about Inside the Mind of Today’s Millionaires.
5:06 Dwan invites you to listen to her over 600 videos on her YouTube channel.
6:07 Dwan invites you to also watch the podcast at Dwanderful.com and take notes to retain a proven 75% more.
8:05 Dwan shares about Bill’s rehab work within a town in Iowa.
9:00 Dwan shares her motto: People before profits.
9:22 Dwan kicks off Drinks with Dwan with a toast to 100% pineapple juice.
11:09 Dwan thanks you for listening and leaving five star reviews.
11:31 Dwan features a listener review from Ronald.
12:05 Dwan invites you to leave a review as well for a chance to be featured also.
12:52 Dwan kicks off this episode’s topic: what to expect from a homeowner.
14:35 Dwan emphasizes that she is looking for your best interest and warns against unethical investors.
16:45 Dwan points out that if they will go around her, they will go around you.
17:15 Dwan says that if you are approached by a scumbag, run for the hills and call her immediately. 🙂
17:45 Dwan shares what to explain to the homeowner.
18:12 Dwan explains how she begins showing the house.
22:16 Dwan encourages you to stay in touch with the homeowner every few days.
23:10 Dwan emphasizes to take back up contracts – at least one or two because rehabbers are notorious for not closing if they have a better deal.
24:29 Dwan encourages you to require around a 5K non-refundable deposit to incentivize them not to bail on you.
27:00 Dwan emphasizes the importance of full transparency – with the facts and to keep the deal from falling apart.
28:33 Dwan encourages you to always give homeowners “the speech” to warn them of scumballs.
30:03 Dwan emphasizes that when a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
30:33 Dwan shares this week’s equity of life: financial.
32:36 Dwan invites you to dwanderful.com to get four free ebooks.
32:47 Dwan encourages you to leave a five star review to be featured on Dwanderful.


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