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Top three places for signs and everything else you need to know about bandit signs is exactly what Bill covers in this week’s Investing on the Go. First, Bill shares where you can get a special deal on bandit signs. Next, he explains where to and where not to put your signs. Then, he goes through the different scripts for each sign and explains what to and what not to say when you receive inbound calls from your signs.

In closing, Bill invites you to opt in at Dwanderful.com. Also, leave a five star review for a chance to be featured in Dwan’s Listener spotlight! Thank you for listening and see you next week for another Investing on the Go.

Listener Spotlight:

Thank you Shirley Porter for listening via Apple Podcasts and leaving the following five star review:
Very applicable!
After listening to hundreds of podcasts, I found this podcast…they discuss specific, big picture tips as well as pinpointing more subtle details that can make a huge difference. I took away more notes from this podcast than I have almost any other.

Time Stamps:

:57 Bill welcomes you to another episode of Investing on the Go.
2:03 Bill introduces today’s topic: the top 3 places to put bandit signs.
2:30 Bill explains what bandit signs are and refers you to “the Bill Twyford special” at banditsigns.com and explains what signs he normally gets.
3:35 Bill shares what he puts on his bandit signs.
4:10 Bill shares where he puts bandit signs.
6:53 Bill shares where *not* to put bandit signs.
7:36 Bill explains WHY we put bandit signs in yards of empty properties.
8:35 Bill emphasizes the importance of being able to handle the inbound calls that come from your bandit signs.
9:21 Bill lists the different scripts that you will use for inbound calls.
11:00 Bill gives an example of what *not* to say when you get an inbound call and what *to* say.
13:34 Bill encourages you to still put your signs up even if there are other signs there.
15:49 Bill invites you to sign up at Dwanderful.com.
15:56 Bill asks you to give Investing on the Go five stars.

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