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Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss is Dwan’s illustration of how to be and how not to be. In fact, she reads the story and uses the examples of the Grinch and Sam I Am. Also, she addresses today’s “cancel culture.” Next, she applies Green Eggs and Ham to actual life and shares how it relates to real estate investing. Furthermore, she encourages you to step out of the box and try new things. Then, she issues this week’s equity of life challenge and invites you to share it in the family section at dwanderful.com or on her Facebook page. Lastly, Dawn shares that she’s going to begin sharing a listener review each week and asks for you to leave one so that you can be featured.

Listener Spotlight

Listener Spotlight
Thank you to Adrienne Williams for tuning in on iTunes and leaving the following review:
Awesome job!
I regularly tune into the podcasts. Dwan’s knowledge and experience is second to NONE ! Especially now, we need assistance from a trusted source.


Time Stamps:

:51 Dwan welcomes you and asks for a show of hands for who makes less money than they feel they’re worth.
1:25 Dwan shares her story.
2:08 Dwan invites you to stick around until the end for four free gifts.
2:30 Dwan introduces herself and shares her motto.
2:52 Dwan kicks off Drinks with Dwan and shares an update on her health while toasting to water.
4:25 Dwan shares how and where you can catch her episodes.
5:24 Dwan encourages you to look at Investor’s Edge University’s Facebook page for an update on Bill’s building project in Iowa.
8:05 Dwan introduces today’s topic: Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham
9:20 Dwan addresses today’s cancel culture.
10:20 Dwan foresees a day when something that you like will be taken away.
13:43 Dwan explains how to take a book like Dr. Seuss and relate it back to your actual life.
14:00 Dwan reads Green Eggs and Ham.
20:50 Dwan likens certain people she knows to the Grinch and highlights how you can be Sam I am.
23:38 Dwan invites you to Dwanderful.com to opt in and receive your four free gifts.
23:48 Dwan highlights how not listening to her will cost you to lose money.
24:16 Dwan explains how to get out of your box to start trying new things.
25:24 Dwan emphasizes that it’s important to try different things even if you don’t think you would like them.
30:00 Dwan emphasizes why now is an amazing time to knock on people’s doors and start talking to people.
30:35 Dwan encourages you to “try the green eggs and ham!”
32:04 Dwan issues this week’s equity of life challenge.
33:53 Dwanderful asks you to share what fear you overcame this week at dwanderful.com or on Facebook.
34:24 Dwan encourages you to be Sam and not the Grinch.
34:49 Don’t forget your four free gifts and please take time to leave a five star review with a comment.
35:30 Dwan shares that she’s going to begin sharing a review each week so be sure to leave one to be featured.
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