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Chris Prefontaine is the special guest on this episode of Inside the Minds of Millionaires. Like Dwan, Chris has been in real estate for almost 30 years. In fact, his experience includes constructing new homes, owning a Realty Executive Franchise, running his own investments (commercial & residential) and coaching clients throughout North America.
First on the episode, Chris begins by sharing his background which led him to real estate investing. Also, he shares about the students that he trains, pay days, deals and more. In closing, he shares how you can join him for a webinar and receive a free copy of his book along with some parting advice.
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Listener Spotlight

Thank you to Dean Berry for listening via Apple Podcasts and leaving the following five star review:
Understanding the roots of real estate investing
What a nice change of pace from other real estate podcasts. Most other real estate podcasts focus on finance and structuring deals to make money. While that is important, this podcast teaches you how to be more. Thank you!


Time Stamps:

:51 Dwan welcomes you and introduces herself.
1:11 Dwan asks for a show of hands of those who don’t feel like they work all week but still don’t make enough money.
1:37 Dwan introduces special guest, Chris PreFontaine.
2:23 Dwan and Chris toast to tea and check in for the week.
4:15 Chris shares his background.
5:22 Chris shares what he was like at 13 years old.
7:20 Chris fast forwards and shares about beginning real estate investing in his 20s.
9:26 Chris shares what keeps him in the game.
10:33 Chris shares what it’s like when a new person joins his team.
11:18 Dwan highlights her love for subject to’s.
16:28 Dwan and Chris talk about triple paydays and triple profit.
20:50 Chris explains how he partners with students to do deals.
24:15 Dwan and Chris agree on the warning that you shouldn’t train with someone that wasn’t online prior to COVID OR that wasn’t doing real estate prior to 2008.
28:00 Chris shares other aspects of investing that he enjoys.
30:38 Chris shares about taking care of his health.
32:32 Dwan asks Chris for advice for the people that want to transition from their job that pays their bills into real estate investing.
34:27 Dwan underscores the importance of accountability.
37:52 Chris shares about a deal that helped him realize he’s “got it.”
39:24 Chris share about when his first student earned a big paycheck.
41:42 Chris shares where you can find him at smartrealestatecoach.com or receive a free digital copy of his book at freesrec.com.
42:48 Dwan recaps today’s interview inside Chris’ mind.
43:02 Dwan asks Chris to issue this week’s equity of life challenge.
45:23 Chris shares his parting advice.
45:46 Dwan invites you to opt in at dwanderful.com and leave a five star review.

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