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“Fill the storehouse and watch,” is Dwan’s encouragement to you in this episode of Business by the Book. In fact, she shares from Malachi 3:10. Also, she explains the context both in the New Testament and Old Testament. Furthermore, Dawn explains the difference between tithes and offerings. In addition, she shares personal stories- one about her own personal tithes and offerings and another about an earnest girl new to tithing. Finally, Dawn encourages you to remember everything that you have is given to you by God, tithe 10%, pray over your tithe and be a cheerful giver.

Lastly, Dwan thanks you for listening. Please take the time to share Business by the Book with someone it could help. Thank you for tuning in, and please take time to give it five stars.

Time Stamps:

:56 Dwan welcomes you to the Most Dwanderful Podcast Ever and another Business by the Book.
1:06 Dwan introduces today’s topic: tithing out of Malachi 3:10.
1:32 Dwan reads Malachi 3:10.
3:03 Dwan explains what the storehouse is.
4:02 Dwan highlights that the Lord doesn’t say “trust Him” in this scripture but to “test Him.”
6:26 Dwan explains New Testament vs. Old Testament.
6:33 Dwan explains why we tithe and what it represents.
7:07 Dwan explains her personal tithing story.
8:02 Dwan explains tithe vs. offering.
9:25 Dwan explains how God takes away things when we aren’t a good steward.
9:51 Dwan emphasizes that God loves a cheerful giver.
15:41 Dwan encourages you to pray over your tithe.
16:34 Dwan reminds you that everything you have is provided by God.
20:07 Dwan gives examples of offerings.
21:41 Dwan recaps to tithe 10%, pray over your tithe, be a cheerful giver and then over and above would be an offering.

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