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Why bankruptcy is a financial disaster for the banks is what Dwan focuses on in this episode of Dwanderful. First, she recaps equity and the importance of the fourth quarter. Next, she shares the #1 reason banks hate it when a homeowner files for bankruptcy. Also, she explains what it costs the bank, how the bank’s hands are tied. Dwan even describes how bankruptcy hearings work.

Lastly, Dwan invites you to opt in at Dwanderful.com to receive five free gifts. Thank you for tuning in. As always, remember the truth is in the red letters. Also, please take a moment to leave five stars and a review of The Most Dwanderful Podcast ever.

Time Stamps:
1:06 Dwan welcomes you to the most Dwanderful podcast ever, introduces herself and her motto.
1:18 Dwan asks for a show of hands for who is not making the money you think you are worth.
1:51 Dwan invites you to listen until the end for five free gifts.
2:25 Dwan shares her story.
5:33 Dwan hosts “Drinks with Dwan” and toasts to the week.
8:51 Dwan recaps equity and the importance of the fourth quarter.
10:51 Dwan introduces today’s topic = Why Bankruptcy is a Disaster for the Banks.
14:38 Dwan explains the difference in chapter 7 and chapter 13.
17:24 Dwan shares the #1 reason banks hate it when a homeowner files bankruptcy.
17:51 Dwan shares what bankruptcy and foreclosure attorneys cost the bank.
18:51 Dwan explains a 341 hearing.
20:51 Dwan explains the extension of a 341 hearing and what to do during the extra four months as a real estate investor.
24:00 Dwan explains how a reorganization plan works when granted by a judge.
29:11 Dwan shares what happens when the homeowner doesn’t send payment in after a reorganization.
31:21 Dwan explains how a new chapter 13 can be filed.
35:08 Dwan highlights that bankruptcy is a powerful tool for real estate investors.
35:51 Dwan explains what bankruptcies cost the bank.
37:07 Dwan asks you to opt in at dwanderful.com to get your five free gifts.
37:51 Go to Dwanderful.com/shortsales to get Dwan’s program for $300 off.
38:26 Dwan issues this week’s equity of life: family.
40:15 Dwan asks you to leave five stars and a review.


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